Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Wish I could say the weather improved but this weekend Philly was besieged by heavy rain and wind, which actually started off as freezing rain. The lawn has been replaced with mud. Talk about Winter blahs!

The weekend consisted of football playoffs, since my favorite teams weren't playing it wasn't as exciting but still fun.  The man's Broncos won so he is happy, and anxiously awaiting the next game.  Truly his first passion and priority in life is sports.

Ran some errands during the week, and picked up some cute bargains from Old Navy.  Found cute baseball raglan style sweaters for $15 that were originally $30 and tanks for $5 originally $12.50.  What's interesting is the prices of items on Old Navy website are often times marked higher in price than in the store.  Though the website offers a lot more discount offers.  Keep saying I'm going to post some of these great finds yet any kind of fashion post always seems to take a backseat.

For some reason the dizzy spells have seemed to increase again.  As to why is the baffling part.  Though I do think any kind of emotional or physical upset can make it worse.  Even the whole root canal seemed to unbalance things.  Trying to watch tv brought one on Friday, which lead to me making ginger tea and when I went to the food storage cabinets in back discovered the area leading to basement smelled like gas. The gas company came out at eleven only to discover the fuel line to our heating was leaking gas. It's crazy because normally I would not have gone back there at that time of night.  Heater had to be shut off until someone could come out to fix in Saturday.

Meanwhile feelings of disappointment still linger over lack of Christmas card. Have a tendency to imagine all these great things the man might surprise me with, when they don't happen disappointment sets in.  Honestly don't ask for much just that he put the same passion and priority he puts into his sports into our relationship.  You can tell someone how you feel but it doesn't mean they understand nor can relate to those feelings.  Which brings me to a quote I like  "blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.."  So true! 

Things haven't exactly been easy since the seizure.  After more testing he just found out he has multiple compression fractures of his back all caused from the force of the seizure. He had complained of back pain and few other serious symptoms since it happened, turns out first doctor misread xray and missed the back fractures. The second doctor said it was clearly evident just by looking at the original chest x ray.  That's on top of the fractured shoulder, which had also been missed on x ray the first time.  Hence why one should always get second opinions and even third. It's really scary the power seizures have within them.  He still has more doctors and testing ahead. 

Oh and little one decided she isn't ready to retire just yet.  After a walk to see her suitors, a white maltese named Luigi and Yorkshire Terrier named Bo she came home ready to play wiffle ball again.  Wiffle ball has always been her favorite thing to do, and she chooses wiffle balls over any toy.  Though she does like to snuggle too which is a favorite of mine as well.  Those moments are what life is all about.

In fact , this weekend homemade mac n cheese, playoff football and snuggling on the couch took priority. 

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  1. sorry to hear about your issues! hope that your dizzy spells get bette rand you can figure out what the issue is!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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