Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings

Weather in Philly has been crazy....10 inches of snow, day of sleet, heavy rain today followed by arctic air that will be bringing with it wind chills as low as -15. We are going from a high of 55 this morning to a low of 4.  Haven't seen such cold weather in over a decade. Can't even imagine what the heat bill is going to cost.

Friday everything was ice and snow covered making it hard to get around.  That's the day the root canal was scheduled.  Luckily my father had off and has a suv which makes getting around in a snow a little easier so he volunteered to come over and pick me up.  Meanwhile the root canal was worse than I imagined, if that's possible. Talk about that another day.

The weekend was pretty much all about football.  Saturday was the most important day as the Eagles played.  Philadelphia was filled with excitement.  It was nice to see Foles in the quarterback position. Disappointed they lost but they played well considering it was Kellys first year as coach.  Feel so strongly about animals that gave up watching and protested the Eagles when Vick was hired. Luckily things happened which eventually lead to Foles taking over. So I could be an Eagles fan once again.  But that doesn't mean I have given up on Matty Ryan either still like the Falcons as well.  :)

Sunday the ice left us skating around. Trying to get down our steps was scary even the railing was covered in ice.  Angel was slipping all over had to try to hold her coat and balance us both.

New Years was low key.  We stayed in and watched basketball, followed by the ball dropping in New York.  Baked some cinnabons, and tried a new recipe pork roast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese. The cynical man doesn't get why our world makes such a big deal about new years he sees it as just another day.  He basically went to bed, the man is not exactly oozing of fun. Think the new medicine is making his moods worse.  Actually felt a little jealous watching Jenny kissing her man Donnie in Times Square while my party pooper was wrapped in covers. haha  It was a c'mon man moment if you watch espn you'll know what I mean.

Exactly why I'm thinking my New Year word needs to be fun or happiness. Feel like I need more of both in my life.  When you find yourself living vicariously through others on social media or dreaming of doing fun stuff with celebrities in your dreams you know you need more fun.  Key is finding fun that doesn't cost a lot, as our budget is tight which honestly makes it hard to do some of the fun stuff we would like to do or used to do. We have not been on a real vacation in at least five years.  Fun is a lot easier to create when you have money to play with.  Feeling like a road trip or something!

Know it's only the beginning of January but I think all this cold weather and lack of sun has brought on the winter blues.  The lack of motivation that occurs this time of year is hard to describe, and completely understand why bears go into hibernation.  While I miss living in California it's still too far away from family to want to move back, yet do think I would be better suited to living in a warm climate.  Maybe Florida, but could I handle the crazy humidity and bugs of the south? 

Then again playing in the snow can be fun especially when you have a special little one to share it with.  Though we both would love it more if it was just a little warmer.  :)

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  1. Hi. I totally get the c'mon man moment! It's cold and dark and I'm fighting the blues a little too. Need sunshine...and to get outside. Your pup is precious. We have a beagle. She is heading out for a cold walk with me in just a bit! Have a great day! I'm still working on my new year word...I just don't want I commit!
    :) Jen


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