Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finding Purpose

Every New Year instead of pondering resolutions my mind tends to wander to purpose.  Do we each have a purpose, or maybe even many purposes?  If so how do we find or figure out our purpose? 

Here are five great ideas to finding purpose.

1. Focus on what brings you joy.

What do you really enjoy, so much that you forget the time? Do you spend hours helping your teams, organizing your home, or cooking? Whatever it is, it's probably meaningful to you. Be open to what ever these activities are, even if you think you can’t make a living with them. Once you figure out what gives you meaning, there are many ways to build it into your life. Do more of them to hone in on which part is most meaningful to you.

2. Cut the drag.

Minimize activities that drain you and address what isn’t working. Common issues are health, lack of sleep, high stress, or relationship challenges. These can create a negative or reactionary perspective that distracts you and keeps you stuck.

3. Own your strengths and limitations.

No one is great at everything. Self knowledge and acceptance are key. Focus on your gifts, stop beating yourself up for your weaknesses and outsource them.

4. Look for themes.

If you are looking at several meaningful areas and can’t decide which one to focus on, look for themes in your life to evaluate how strong of a fit each direction is.

Where do you spend your time and money? This is likely what you value. What do people consistently say you're really good at?

5. Get involved.

Volunteer, join a club, or take a class. This is a low risk way to build experience and determine whether it is truly the fit you thought it would be. You may make some great connections in the process.

Spend a few months exploring these with no expectations. This will give you deeper insight into what is meaningful to you.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

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