Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Musings

This holiday season felt a little off, so much happened during December that it was hard to get in the spirit of things.  It's strange but the holidays seem to come with such a mix of emotions, there's feelings of happiness and gratitude, yet also sadness and a sense of missing people and/or certain things.

It was a low key Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my family's house.  Had great food, played some games and took a lot of photos!  And my oreo pie was a huge hit, it was so rich though it left little room for any other dessert. My mom's scottie was recuperating from surgery on her leg so we kept her close so she would not jump which got a little tricky as she was excited. My niece was equally excited, tracking Santa as well.  Seeing Christmas through a child's perspective is priceless.

Meanwhile little one has seemed to retire from her playing days which is difficult and sad to watch.  She has always loved playing wiffle ball, it's the one thing that always made her happy.  But over the last few months she has shown little interest in playing.  She opened one gift but gave it little attention. Her focus was on the food.  She just wanted to sit by the oven and wait for dinner. Her best gifts this Christmas involved treats and snuggles. 

Christmas Day was spent at home. My parents dropped by for lunch and with gifts.  Even now they still try to spoil us, feel so appreciative of all they do.  Sometimes it's the little gifts that mean the most. Even a nice card makes me happy.  But by far the best part of the holiday is having family and loved ones to spend it with!

The man and I opted out of exchanging gifts this year for numerous reasons but I was  disappointed he didn't at least get a card, and he heard about it.  In fact, he is in the dog house. Guess after the ups and downs of this year I was just hoping for some nice, loving words.

He is still recovering from his seizure, still not himself, now on medication for it.  Lately he seems to be getting attitude quickly. He even got in an argument with his mother on Christmas Eve they have not spoken since. Though they have a rather odd relationship as they argue, don't talk for a while and then suddenly talk again. It's puzzling but each to their own.  It's sad when people can't be compassionate and understanding of each other differences, at least try to respect each other and lovingly co exist.

Still hard to believe Christmas is over and that the New Year is approaching.  Last year feels like such a blur not sure if I even made any resolutions.  Exactly why blogs come in handy, it's interesting to look back and read thoughts during that time.  Seems to be lots of thoughts going through my mind as we approach the New Year but think I'll save that for another post.

Hope everyone's holidays were spectacular! 

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  1. I'm sorry your hubby is still recovering from his seizure. Poor thing! Even though your fur baby is not interested in the ball right now…she's still looking adorable as ever.


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