Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Musings

After the craziness of last week exhaustion seemed to set in.  It's amazing the affects adrenaline has on the body.  Combine that with the cold weather and it's much harder to get motivated.  Feeling more like a bear who wants to hibernate. 

Throughout the week ran errands, grocery shopped and did some holiday stuff which allowed the weekend to be all about hibernating. ha

We had snow with arctic temperatures pretty much all week.  Saturday brought a sleet storm and everything turned into a sheet of ice, even little one was slipping as she tried to do her business. It hasn't warmed up much so the ice seems to be sticking around.

The man is slowly recovering.  He is still extremely sore, bruised and the fractured arm is causing a significant amount of pain.  He has appointments this week to see both an orthopedic for the arm and neurologist for the seizure.  Hopefully they will be able to provide further insight into both.

It's not like the man did a lot before it happened unless watching tv is a sport but in all seriousness it has severely limited him.  At least he could run errands or help lift heavy stuff but not now.  And not being able to drive might really affect his chances for work which could have a significant impact.  The man seems rather laid back about it all compared to me who is feeling stressed.  I know life is full of uncertainty but ours feels even more so.  It's hard to put into words.

So I mentioned being indecisive about putting up holiday decorations this season but eventually gave in.  Instead of multi colored lights did the tree in all white which gives the room a nice glow.  Even though we decided not to exchange gifts this year the decorations and snow have made it feel more like the holidays.

Little one's bed had to be moved slightly to make room for the tree but it doesn't seem to bother her as she likes laying by the tree.  Of course she is hoping for some treats from Santa to appear.

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