Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hope and Pray

As if my painful dental procedure wasn't already enough this week, the man has fallen ill. 

Early this morning I heard the most insane shrill come from upstairs.  The shrill scared me so much that instinct overcame me and I started dialing 911 on my way up. Well turns out it was the right thing to do because I found the man in a major seizure.  It lasted for over 4 minutes.  Details are something I won't even go into as it was very scary.

As it started to slow down he still wasn't conscious.  Luckily the paramedics arrived within 6 minutes.  But even then he didn't know where he was, who we all were or what was going on.  The steps to our cottage bedroom are very hard to navigate so it wasn't easy for them to get him down either.

We spent the day in the er as they did test after test.  His left eye isn't quite right, his left shoulder got injured during the seizure and he is having problems remembering things. So they are keeping him for observation and to run more extensive tests.  They are trying to figure it out.  

Yesterday he started feeling light headed and nausea, a headache came on later.  He wasn't himself but we figured it might just be a migraine type headache that he sometimes experiences.  Just didn't expect something like this to happen.  It's such a helpless feeling to see someone suffering knowing there is nothing you can do to help them.

I'm so grateful for my neighbors who came right over today to offer their help.  Who gave a ride to the hospital, who watched little one all day, for my family who kept the midst of a tough day I'm thankful for their help, love and support.

Right now it's all about waiting for more tests and observing him.  Hopefully they will know more tomorrow.  For now all we can do is pray.

Biggest lesson in all this life is unpredictable. So tell the special people in your life how much they mean to you. Don't take people for granted. Call, hug, kiss, do whatever it takes to get across your feelings and love!

Meanwhile I'm hoping and praying that things get better soon!

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