Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

Our family always made cookies for the holidays.  It usually involved all day baking and decorating with family.  But as time evolved we realized no one was indulging in as many cookie, while they were fun to bake so many went to waste.  So my sister came up with the idea to make homemade Gingerbread houses instead.

Honestly wasn't sure if I liked the idea, it just didn't seem as fun as the whole fresh baked cookie thing. As it turns out I was wrong as it was a lot of fun. Baking the gingerbread, making the icing, picking out the candy and then putting it all together was great.

It was simply too. We used a box gingerbread mix, poured it into silicone gingerbread house molds, baked it accordingly to packaged instructions and then let it cool overnight.  It doesn't have to cool overnight but we learned the longer it is allowed to cool the easier it is to put together.  We then used an easy frosting recipe of 2 eggs whites whipped with 2 2/3 cups confectioners sugar.

The sugar has to be applied right away as it hardens quickly. We used baking sheets lined with foil as a base.  Each piece needs to have icing on the bottom so as to stick to the base. Soup cans can be used to hold the pieces up as the foundation is put together. Once a house was put together with icing we decorated it with all kinds of holidays candies, cereal and icing.  We each made one, adding little personal touches. And learned you can never have enough icing.  Making gingerbread houses is fun, it's also a great idea for creating a family tradition at the holidays as well. 

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