Sunday, November 10, 2013

Soul Sunday

There are seasons and cycles in our lives, just as there are seasons and cycles to nature, to all of life. We move imperceptibly from one to the other learning, growing, laughing and crying along the way.

We accept with joy the seasons of nature. We honor them.  We wouldn't think of pulling at the tiny blades of grass in early spring to force their growth.  Neither would we chastise them for growing too slowly or wilting with the first frost of autumn.

We can learn to recognize and honor the seasons and cycles in ourselves. Th answers will come....small glimpses at first, like the first tender shoots of grass.  We get an idea, a clue, a hint of what we're about to learn.  Then come a series of experiences.  Sometimes we immediately see the connection.  Sometimes we don't. We go about the business of living our lives.

Then one day, we see.  That tiny shoot has become a full grown blade of grass, a rolling lawn covering the landscape.  We see the connections, the lessons and we'll honor all the feelings that we had along the way.  We're different. We're changed. We're new. A new season has arrived.

And just when we think that the way it is now is the way it will be forever, another season begins.  As naturally, as imperceptibly as the last.  It, too, will build on what has already happened and create something new.

There are seasons and cycles in us, just as there are in nature. Learn to recognize and honor the seasons and cycles of the soul.

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