Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Musings

So the frigid, arctic air is upon us here in Philadelphia which means I've begun contemplating the pros and cons of moving somewhere that has a year round warm climate.  The exact moments I pine to be back living in San Diego, or at least be a millionaire who could afford to keep their heat at 75. Anyone living in a warm climate feel free to extend an invitation this way.  :)

Seriously though my hands and feet seem perpetually cold. I'm constantly rubbing my hands together or blowing on them hoping to some how warm them up.  Bought a Vornado space heater but the electricity in our little cottage is so old that it blew a circuit.  Some of the sockets have been fixed but basically the whole house needs to be rewired and more powerful individual circuits added.

Love the charm of older homes but they do require a fair amount of work.  Things such as electricity, plumbing, insulation and the foundation are amongst the things that often need to be updated.

Our weekend involved a play date with the niece on Saturday which always is full of fun.  Sunday  morning consisted lots of wash and cleaning, followed by snuggling under a blanket while watching football.  The man was so disappointed with the Broncos loss to the Patriots that he seems to be still sulking.  Little one is still experiencing a lot of skin problems even after a week of medicine and at least two baths per week her belly is smelly and wet.  At times she seems to perplex the vets.

Mean while thought I might have a guest video spot on The Talk today but it seemed to turn into more of an odd fiasco than anything which I will explain in further detail tomorrow.  As got a list of things that have to get to this Monday. 

Of course I have to share a photo of little one trying to stay warm in this frigid weather.

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