Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday has been filled with errands.  Food, beauty, toys,etc, it all seemed to be on the list.  Staying on budget is another story.  It seems like frozen vegetables are always cheaper than fresh which drives me crazy.  I learned that A.C. Moore's prices on certain toys is cheaper than Target or Walmart which is surprising. And that eye drops are not cheap.

Little one not only has allergies but serious eye issues. On top of cataracts and glaucoma she doesn't make tears.  Not making tears anymore causing all the junk that tears usually wash out to build up.  That build up can cause her eyes to stick shut.  So it means cleaning out/administering eye drops at least a few times a day.  But we haven't found the right eye drop yet, so we keep trying.

Since I suffer from dry eyes as well, decided to buy us the same brand today to see if they might help more.  Of course I got approval from the vet before doing this to make sure it was safe. So combined I spent about $32 on drops.  Though other tear producing drops the vet prescribed were $80 for a small amount. The price of everything is just crazy.

On another note for weeks now I have been experiencing this feeling like something is stuck in the side of my upper throat.  Gave it plenty of time to resolve itself but it's only become more prevalent, trying to eat a cupcake leaves me feeling like it's stuck which is driving me crazy. So tomorrow I visit an Ears/Nose/Throat specialist to try to get to the bottom of it. Imagine that a mysterious ailment, not like I ever experience those. Yeah right I've become the queen of the mysterious!

As for the weekend it was another stay at home one. Spent a majority of it snuggled on the couch, the colder temperatures seem to bring a sense of hibernation and lack of motivation. Friday we watched Master Junior Chef which was amazing, it's hard to believe kids as young as seven can whip up dishes that could easily be signature dishes at any top star restaurant.  Not to mention it gave us ideas for meals as well. 

We also like to watch Shark Tank as it's interesting to see the ideas people come up with for businesses and products. Saturday and Sunday pretty much involved football and cooking. Tried out a new homemade chicken and honey glaze.  Of course had to make a batch of carrot cake cupcakes too. We also rented The Internship, overall thought the movie was good.

As you can see little one enjoyed herself as well. What's better than a snugly, soft blanket and sweet cupcake treats!

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