Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musings

The weather here has been warm one day, chilly the next, even had a few freeze warnings. I'm desperately trying to hold on the flowers by covering them on the cold nights. I love summer the thought of winter with no flowers, leaves on the trees, garden to tend and overall less sun brings on feelings of sadness and wanting to hibernate until spring.

Our entire house seems sensitive to the cold, dry weather.  The little one's allergies and eye issues, my rosacea, dry eyes and the man's psoriasis all flare up. Seem to go through Fall and Winter basically shivering and scrunched up trying to keep warm.  The lack of sun seems to bring on the winter blues. And yes we probably should live in a warmer climate but it's just not a possibility right now.  Funny as I took a test what state matches your personality and Georgia was the winner.  Not surprised at all as have seriously pondered the idea of living in South Carolina.

Our weekend was one of those stay at home kind. We did our big food shopping trip during the week.  Halloween brought lots of kids, little one dressed as a pumpkin. She looked adorable see the Halloween photos here.  Mischief night our neighborhood experienced some toilet papering, my neighbors pumpkin got stolen and some houses appeared to have even been egged. It was surprising as we haven't experienced that before.  Whoever thought to proclaim the night before Halloween mischief night anyway?

Well it's been a day filled with errands and research.  Dog treats, art supplies, and still have yet to decide on a space heater. I have read review after review and for pretty much all space heaters there are those who like and dislike each.  There is quite a difference in prices so that is what keeps me undecided. I'm the worst when it comes to making decisions, the type that will still doubt whether they made the right choice years later. ha 

Meanwhile little one is making snuggling look very appealing this Monday!

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