Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musings

The week contained a bunch of up and down moments. Some of which are hard to put into words. So I'll just focus on little musings from the week.

Gave in to the chilly temperatures and put the heat on, when the little one starts to shake it's getting colder. Though the afternoon warmed up just enough in the beginning of the week to allow little one a fun walk in the park.  She seemed to really enjoy it, watching her sniff the air is precious!

The man went into zone out mode Monday and Wednesday pretty much not leaving the couch and watching tv all day.  Not sure he's back to normal yet, nor taking care of himself as well as he could be. Such days can feel frustrating as he does nothing and barely says a word.  Monday was really busy for me, even just offering to make dinner would have helped. I know complaining about it changes little but it feels good to just release it.

Thursday got him to run some errands, though on his time. Personally I like to tackle errands in the morning, there is usually less traffic and people to deal with, plus it gets them out of the way for the day.  And sometimes if a sale is good items tend to sell out before noon.

Friday he went golfing, and then we took in a local high school football game.  It was a cold night but fun.  Being at a high school game can bring back memories. It was homecoming as well so they announced the court, hearing all the big dreams and goals of the kids was fun.  Sometimes it even makes you want to have a second chance at it all again, to start a new back at that age but with the wisdom you know now. 

Saturday we were suppose to carve pumpkins but the man wimped out. The couch sucked him in again, though didn't let it keep me from having fun.  Also tried a trick for keeping pumpkins fresh longer, whether it works or not we'll have to wait and see.  The pumpkin is dipped into one gallon of water mixed with 1 tsp of bleach then let air dry upside down.  When dry brush inside and outside of pumpkin with 2 Tbsp vinegar and 1 tsp lemon juice.

Sunday found myself running more errands in the morning, then took little one to Petsmart in the afternoon for a Halloween costume and some new food.   Little one's allergies have been really acting up so going to try a grain free diet, which some people feel helps. So we are trying out the Blue brand was surprised though as their prices are high! (it's crazy how healthy food whether for animals or humans seems to cost more)

Also got some more bargains this week, really need to get around to sharing those in a post.

For now have to get to work on bills but the sun is shining bright, it's warming up nicely and so it might be a good day to tackle the outdoor work as well.  And maybe even take a walk in the park!

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