Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musings

Monday is starting off chilly in Philly.  Little one started shaking, so wrapped her in a warm, snugly fleece blanket then brought the space heater downstairs to try to warm up the room.  I'm actually looking to purchase another space heater, so if anyone has one they love or has got any recommendations please feel free to share.

It was a rather busy week. Tuesday we got to observe my niece at school which was really cool and got to hang out with her afterwards.  I find being around her age group not only fun but fascinating.  And if you really listen to them they have a lot to say, which makes me wonder how often do we truly listen to them?             

Thursday got the man to run to Kohls with me as had a 30% coupon and need black riding boots. With the dizziness it's hard to wear heels anymore so the flat shoes/boots really come in handy.  Found a sweet pair of black riding boots for only $50.  Though I'm not one for fashion posts may have to share some of the bargains I have found lately.

Friday took on the task of cleaning out the basement, taking apart furniture for disposal and packing up clothes to give to charity.  It was a little more work than anticipated but it looks great.

Saturday was a party for my mother's birthday. My mother got a cold so she wasn't exactly feeling great. We went to pick pumpkins at a local farm, the man even decided to join us.  That's right he left the comfort of the couch and tv to have some fun.  He even got involved in some arts and crafts with the niece.  Of course in his mind one never knows the motivation but I believe he had fun. Though it appears to have wore him out as today he hasn't left the couch!

We girls sure had fun. Luckily the weather warmed up a little as well.  My dad got some delicious hot roast beef, with provolone for sandwiches, mac and cheese, salad and my carrot cake cupcakes for desert.  They are our new favorite dessert to serve at family parties.

Sunday involved chilling out on the couch watching football.  Of course half of my fantasy team either got hurt or didn't play great.  It's frustrating as I've got some talented athletes on my team should feel they should be producing more points.  Anyway....

Today have a list full of things to do.  So before I become to comfy on the couch it's time to get moving. Though I would rather be hanging at the pumpkin patch!

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