Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings

The beginning of Fall has felt like Summer here.  Sunny skies, temperatures in the 80's with some humidity.  Of course nature wants to change that as we have a tornado watch in effect as a cold front approaches.  The fall foliage is only starting to change here but I fear after these storms there may not be any left. 

Whenever I hear tornado watch can't help but feel a little apprehensive. As a kid I experienced a mini tornado.  Before all the land was taken over by cookie cutter big houses, there used to be farms surrounding our area growing up.  It was truly beautiful.  It was that same farmland that as a child I saw a tornado twirling across.

My sister and I were swimming at a neighbors, when suddenly a storm kicked up.  All the kids started running toward home.  The wind was so fierce I swore we were going to be swept up.  All I remember is running as fast as we could, shoes falling off the in the process and looking across the farmland to see a funnel cloud headed our way.  That stormed knocked out power in the area, left homes damaged and scared us kids. 

While we tend to not get the monster tornadoes of the midwest or south, they do appear occasionally.  And when they do this feeling to put anything of sentimental value in the basement always comes over me.  Of course that feeling is second to wanting to protect my little one.  Yes she is the first thought as I put her body harness on, grab leash, keep her close and hope we don't have to run to basement. Somehow that doesn't even seem protective enough. Anyway....

Given the beautiful weather we took a midweek trip to the beach. We usually wait for the off season because the dogs are allowed on the beach. Little one loves the beach. She just wants to lay in the sand, but it was so hot she had to stay on the blanket and in shade of umbrella.  Usually the beach tends to be cooler than inland but it was just as hot.  Everyone was in bikinis and people were actually in the water which is unbelievable for October on the east coast.  It was a gorgeous beach day, dare I say even a little too warm.  And yes I got the man to leave the couch for a day.  :)  

Though our weekend plans for a Mind,Body,Spiritual expo got cancelled.  Which felt a little disappointing because it had been planned months ago. We were suppose to go with his mother but since he is currently giving his mother the silent treatment the plans pretty much became silent too.  It's frustrating as when the man doesn't want to deal with something he pretty much ignores or gives the silent treatment. While I voiced my opinion on how I think it's rather rude and mean to act this way especially toward family for now it is what it is.  Suppose everyone has to learn their own lessons, in their own time and ways.

Saturday I felt bored and restless. Sure it was combination of hormones and disappointment over not going to the expo.  Those are the kinds of days I would like to be able to read a book for hours but the dizziness pretty much makes that impossible.  I could spend all day browsing Barnes and Noble.

Sunday involved cleaning, errands, wash and football.  Of course Revenge was on the menu as well.  This season the show seems to be getting back to the basics which I like. 

Okay need to get some work done even though this rainy day is making it hard to get motivated.  Keep looking at our beach photos wishing we were there.  I dream of having a little cottage overlooking the beach.  To be able to wake up to the sunrise over the Atlantic and fall asleep listening to the sounds of the waves would be divine.  Keep telling myself when I win the lottery. For now I am simply thankful for those moments we get to enjoy the beach!

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