Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday it's hard to believe Fall is upon us, where did Summer go.

Summer was interesting though it wasn't exactly how I imagined.  I'm an idealists of sorts, not to mention romantic, so I tend to create all these great scenarios in my head.  Might even make a great writer if I could eloquently express all those thoughts into a condensed, organized form. But usually my thoughts are much grander than I can find ways to express them in words. ha

Since the man was home thought for sure there would be many days spent at the beach but in fact there were none. Thought maybe he would feel inspired to do things, to have fun, to enjoy the warm summer days doing outdoor stuff together but instead he spent much of it sleeping or zoning to tv.  When he resigned in May it was not how I imagined Summer. Thought he would use those months productively, actively seeking out new jobs, working on himself, making positive changes, just doing stuff, etc.. Overall his lackadaisical ways felt rather confusing at times.

On the other hand, got to spend more time with my niece than ever imagined for that I am grateful.   Getting to play with her this summer was amazing and fun beyond words!  We biked, skateboarded, danced, climbed jungle gyms, had fashion shows, etc., and for someone who suffers from dizzy spells the mere fact I was able to do those things felt like a miracle. There are days walking a straight line around the block are tough so being able to do that stuff was like icing on the cake.  Plus, I got to spend time with my mother and sister as well which was just as awesome!

The weather was amazing, even though they claim it was the rainiest summer in history I thought it was rather perfect.  There were plenty of beautiful sunny days, with temperatures in the eighties and low humidity.  The flowers were beautiful and the vegetables seemed to flourish. Surrounded by the beauty of nature made sitting on the porch feel like a little slice of paradise.

Though may not have accomplished as much as I desired it's okay.  I learned to put things in better perspective. To try to appreciate the present moment more.

Just know I'm not ready for Summer to be over.   Need more warm weather days, flowers blossoming, beach days, gardening, sitting on the porch, fresh vegetables, grilling and all that other good stuff of Summer.  And more of these....

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