Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings

Fall weather is officially here, and this beach girl is already missing the warm, humid air.  The dryness of the weather has me running to slather lotion on. Not sure how much lotion I go through but it's a lot.  It's always interesting how the sun slowly makes changes as well, and less daylight seems to arrive all too quickly.

It was a weekend to be outdoors.  Saturday we went to a local carnival with my niece and sister.  Not sure I have ever seen my niece so excited.  From the time she arrived at our house she kept asking if we could go.  When she got there she ran around happily enjoying herself, though so did my sister and man. They had a special so they were all able to ride unlimited rides for three hours. And my niece won her fair share of prices as well. In fact, one of the game attendants was so amazed at how she threw a dart with a spiral he let her have some free throws. Overall it was a really fun day!

With the dizziness I cannot partake in amusement rides but felt happy just seeing everyone else having so much fun. Though I did get to ride down the giant slide a few times which was great.  And of course took lots of photographs.  Though I don't like to share a lot of personal photos online I take millions of photos.  The other day I had to delete over 700 photos from my phone just to download the new IOS7 update.  The man thinks I should be a professional photographer. Wish I felt more comfortable sharing more on here.  I tend to even blur the photos of family a little when sharing.  Honestly that Catfish show, not to mention other stories online make me feel leery. Probably a little silly because I laugh when writing it but it's
the way I feel. :)

Sunday we took the little one and walked around an Art Festival.  Bringing her is like walking around with a celebrity the attention she garners is adorable.  It makes me happy for her because everyone tells her how pretty she is, how they love her little shirts and that she is so well behaved.  She lets people pet her and seems to enjoy when they talk to her. Being she cannot see it's challenging for her but she does an amazing job.

Monday has so far involved a lot of cleaning, and after a busy weekend I'm feeling tired.  The man's football team plays so it will be a late and loud evening.

On that note I need to finish up some work before I can officially just chill.

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  1. Ugh, that stinks that you had to delete photos!! My iPhone took a bath a few weeks ago and I lost over 1000 photos, it was terrible! It really reminded me that I need to stop relying on my phone or Facebook to share photos, and get back to printing them out to save special memories!! I'm very worried/anal about sharing photos on my blog. I don't care so much about sharing photos of me, my husband, or my dog ... but family members or friends, I feel awkward and like they should have to sign a waiver or something lol.


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