Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Monday Musings

A week of Summer like weather turned into chilly Fall like weather by the weekend.

The niece came over for a little bit, and she had her first soccer game this weekend.  Watching little kids play soccer is so awesome.  Some are really into it, others easily distracted.  At that age they don't quite understand all the ins and outs of the actual sport, so it tends to be a bunch of kids all chasing the ball. There is no official goalie at that age either.

They were having trouble deciding on a name for their team my niece wanted green elephants, others came up with ninjas, turtles, lizards, and so on but they could not all agree. The coach didn't seem to know what to do. So I piped up and said how about Eagles. Don't you know that's the name they went with! ha

We all had a good laugh over the fact that I game up with the name. It got me thinking maybe I should volunteer to coach little kids sports. Not because of getting to choose a name but because my sister said they need volunteers especially proactive, organized ones.  Hmmmm.....maybe.

The overall week was a rather trying one.  A conversation with the man's mother left me feeling a little down.  Not to mention xanax prescribed by the doctor for mri tests went missing. When you have a recovering addict in the house that is not exactly a good thing, just going to leave it at that for now.

Meanwhile the man went and spent $200 on a football ticket.  He still has many bills that need to be paid so I felt upset he would choose a game over paying a bill.  He is not exactly proactive when it comes to such stuff.  Owning any kind of business that generates substantial income requires quarterly taxes be paid, if not you get penalties and a huge bill come April. (on average around 30% of income goes to taxes)   He doesn't do this and ends up owing come tax season.  The more taxes he owes each tax season, the harder it's going to become for him to ever pay it off.  As much as I try to help him it's of little use unless he starts taking responsibility for it, his spending and finding ways to pay off the debt. None the less it can feel stressful.

Which brings me to a great quote a friend posted this morning "Your life is a result of the choices you make.  If you don't like your life it is time to start making better choices" 

Something to think about for sure. 

Haven't exactly been getting great sleep lately.  The man now stays up late and turns out some kind of animal is in our bedroom wall.  The scratching and clawing starts in the wee hours of the morning, and it's loud.  Not sure what is exactly in there nor how to go about getting it out. We don't have an attic in this house the bedroom is where the attic would be, so trying to figure out where the thing is getting in at. But did put one of those plug in rodent repellents in the room yesterday and the sound disappeared.  Whether it stays like that or not is another story.  If it works I'm buying one for the basement too!

Yesterday I had a big dizzy spell while watching tv so think it's probably a good idea not to spend too much time on the computer.  Yet it feels good to write my thoughts. Sometimes thoughts, like feelings, get pent up with no where to go and being able to write them out can be such a release of sorts.

Must also mention that Angel and my niece got matching t shirts.  Yes my little one fits into children size small t shirts.  Her allergies are really bothering her, so to protect her skin we have found wearing t shirts helps.  Well my niece was so excited to get matching shirts.  While everyone else was posting back to school photos of their kids, Angel wanted me to post a photo of her in her new shirt! (there is a super cute photo of her and my niece wearing them together too)

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