Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Musings

After a very hot, humid week storms have taken over here.  Though they caused me to cut short my walk this morning, one cannot complain as the cool breeze and rain feel great!

Saturday I had an amazing day with family, the girls went to lunch and then shopping.  It was a lot of fun and full of laughs.  It feels good to laugh, the kind of laugh that left my niece asking why the tears.  Not sure when the last time I have laughed as hard.  We ate at a place called Kitchen Bar, the menu had a great variety and the food was delicious. 

When it came to shopping my niece wanted to be pushed around in one of those two seat child extender carts.  Well guess who she wanted sitting next to her? Luckily I'm tiny as I not only fit on the cart but my sister was able to push it. ha (those carts are beasts to fit around the clothing racks, luckily the racks have wheels so they can be moved around) The store probably thought we were all nuts but that's okay because we had too much fun to care!

Sunday I put together a bookshelf as the man lounged on the couch. Actually the man hasn't really left the couch much in over a week. (and he wonders why he feels sore)  But back to bookshelf, we have one office room which has run out of storage options. Luckily there was room for another bookshelf.  Though maybe I should have bought the taller one as the shelves are already filled. Organizing the office room is challenging to say the least.   Overall the day felt like a let down compared with all the fun the previous day.

And while working on a new recipe today I got a little lazy, instead of using two hands and pot handlers to take a pan out of the oven I only used one.  Well the hot pan fell back and got my other hands wrist.  So of course I sustained a nasty burn, two hours of icing, fresh aloe vera and now a bandage around it have done little to alleviate the pain or swelling.  Since any movement is just intensifying the pain think that's a sign to give it a rest. 

A little American Ninja Warrior tonight, those athletes on that show are amazing!

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