Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musing

Absolutely beautiful Fall weather here.  Sunny, temperatures in the mid seventies....if only it could stay this way.  There are moments in life you just want to freeze, weather like this is one of them.

Saturday went shopping with my mother.  Actually bought skinny jeans!  Even though most people consider me skinny I could never find a pair of skinny jeans that actually fit right.  Well Old Navy had them on sale for $19 she kept insisting I try them on.  Luckily I listened as they fit nicely.  Usually a size two in Old Navy swims on me so I buy the kid jeans.  But in the Rock Star Skinny jean because they are so skin tight I was able to fit into a size six. Though all their other skinny jeans the size zero is too tight and the size two are too big....go figure. ha  

Also on our list for shopping was a phone.  My mother needs a new mobile phone.  As a long time customer of Verizon both the man and I have been disappointed.  Yes they tout having the best coverage and most cell towers but their prices seem high compared to competitors.  And there is no leeway in negotiations for a better deal or plan. 

The Verizon representative actually admitted since Verizon thinks they are the best they feel they can charge higher prices.  He actually happened to be very nice. (much nicer than the store sales people)   Compared our plans to AT&T, T Mobile, Sprint,etc, and Verizon literally costs us at least $50 more and doesn't offer half of what the competition.  Needless to say my mother is completely undecided as to what phone or even plan she should get.

So here is a big question for any one who comes across this....who is your mobile phone provider and are you happy with them?  Also what phones would you recommend?  (please don't be shy would love to hear all thoughts on this)

Sunday was spent watching football.  Unfortunately my Falcons aren't playing well this season, there is still a lack of defense and even the offense looks very shaky this year.  Of course the man's Broncos are playing phenomenal.  With Peyton at the helm they look Super Bowl bound. 

Oh and it was the season premiere of Revenge.  Like I have mentioned I don't watch all that much tv, or well at least like that many shows but Revenge and Person of Interest are on my must watch.  Both keep you guessing and actually make you think a little as well.  It's nice being able to just get lost in something for a little.

Little one's allergies are flaring up and nothing seems to be working.  We have even added Zyrtec but it isn't helping much.  Since she was a puppy she always had severe allergies to everything, her skin is affected the most in fact she will never have a thick, full coat of fur because of it.  They have tried everything including a special diet but she still has flare ups.  Things can get crazy for her, it's why she wears t shirts sometimes because they help protect her skin.  But look at how cute she is, seriously I would do anything for her.  On that note there is some snuggling that needs to be done.  :)

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