Thursday, September 5, 2013


So the other day I came across this great post from Life of Bon on blogging.  In many ways I could relate to what she wrote, and probably even add a few things as well.  It's interesting as it comes at a time in which I have felt rather disillusioned with blogging. It's tough as just like everything else in life blogs change as people change. 

If I went back even fifteen years I'm sure my blog would be so very different as I was always on the go.  Can only imagine what I would have been writing about back then, probably would have been all about my travels.  Or to have even had the blog back in the high school or during college, how interesting it would be to look back on thoughts recorded during those various ages, stages and learning periods of life.  All the highs, lows and in between.

Blogging can be something some days I struggle with.  As when I first created my blog I considered it to be a journal of sorts.  A place I could come to write about whatever was going on in my life or even the world, a way to express all those feelings, ideas, opinions and thoughts I tend to have. But occasionally as time goes on one can find themselves filtering what they write, occasionally worrying about what others or even a particular someone might think and so on. That's when the posts feel not as authentic, and in a sense may even become a little more generic.

Sometimes writing the truth can feel too personal.  Yet I never want to think I have to filter anything I write either. It would be great if blogger could offer options for individual posts, such as share it or keep private....similar to how facebook allows people to control who sees what.  The past few years have presented challenges I never quite imagined, ones I want to write about but which might not be the most uplifting of posts either.  That's where feeling too personal can come into play as well.

I've seen all kinds of blogging advice....don't talk about sensitive topics, don't write about anything too personal, nor negative, keep it happy, interesting and relationships in a fairytale light. Which sounds like a bunch of pretend, nonsense at times.  A blog is a blog, each should be unique and represent who the individual is not who society wants them to be.  Does that make sense?

Think the best advice is the simplest.....just be yourself. Be original.  Life is too short to pretend to be someone you are not.  As Dr Seuss says and which happens to be one of my favorite quotes “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Listen to the voice of your soul above all others and just write from that place.  Don't worry about followers, money, others opinions, or whatever else, just write because it feels good!

And maybe the best advice of all....don't get caught up in comparing as those perfect lives that you are reading about are probably are not so perfect behind the scenes. Oh so maybe a few really are but most have their imperfections just like the next.

Honestly when I first started I knew little about blogging, nor the blogging community.  In some ways I was naive assuming not many people even read blogs.  In the beginning I didn't even understand one could make a blog private.  Even when I found out it could be made private I still opted to keep it public. Not sure why but maybe it was the notion that someone out there might be able to relate to something I wrote and in that a friendship could be formed, or even somehow help others. 

The fact that I do talk about personal stuff or give my opinions, has at times made me question whether it should be public or private.  But then I always come back to what if something I write helps someone? Or just opens others mind?  Or simply allows me to make a new friend?  And then of course I started a weekly post to help rescue shelter dogs so I need the publics help for that. 

Of course there are those moments when I wonder what people think when they read my blog?  It's so crazy to think that strangers read small excerpts of my life and draw conclusions based on that, know what I mean?  I worry sometimes that I don't include more well rounded posts about every aspect of my life.  And while this might sound a little ocd, there are times when I'm rather apprehensive to talk about any good stuff suppose in a sense I'm afraid talking about it will somehow take it away.  Which might sound a tad silly but I'm quirky like that. :)

And after watching shows like Catfish on mtv I even feel apprehensive to post personal photos as who knows who will come across them.  I don't know how other bloggers post so many photos of their kids or even themselves, as I get worried when posting even one photo of my niece.  Always thought photos were safe with a watermark across them until I came across an article saying that even that can be undone.  So basically nothing is safe that gets posted on the internet, it could end up anywhere.  

On the other hand I enjoy blogging.  I like writing, even if it's not Pulitzer prize material. Expressing my feelings, thoughts and whatever else feels liberating and refreshing.  I'm not exactly out to make money with my blog, frankly with all the blogs out there I'm surprised there is even money to be made.  But I do enjoy making friends, learning about people and hope that maybe something I write might help someone somewhere as well.

Plus I enjoy finding blogs I connect with, like blogs that open my mind or teach me new things, and love reading about the way other people live.  And appreciate those bloggers who take the time to respond to a comment, write a personal email and do those little things as well.

Not exactly sure where I'm going with this post, it's more like a bunch of random thoughts about blogging.  Guess after reading that post on blogging it just got me thinking. :)

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