Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday. Please meet some great dogs from CA, FL, NY, PA and TX all in need of good, loving homes!

 Roscoe is an adult terrier mix who is sitting at the local animal control hoping for a family to call his own.  Please let's find him a loving home!

Roscoe A4608886  - Gardena, CA

  Los Angeles County Animal Control - Carson
216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 523-9566

 Popcorn is a Chihuahua terrier mix.  He has a warm, calm personality; and is well behaved.  He is an adorable puppy and is happy all the time.  Popcorn gets along extremely well with other dogs and great with children and really loves all people.  He is committed fully to his family.  Actually, he has a devotion to a single person and that could be you.  He is alert, graceful and eager to please you!  He has energy and will enjoy exercising with you.  Popcorn will make an outstanding family pet who will brighten anyone's home!  He really needs a forever home. Come see him.  He is hoping you will.  In the canine heart there is always hope.  Every dog deserves a safe and loving home.  Please let's find him a great home! 

Popcorn - Bells Garden, CA

 Miracle Dog Rescue
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
Reyna (323) 383-8883

 Bitsy is a cute, sweet and very playful little beagle pup.  She gets along with our other dogs, although they do not always enjoy her puppy behavior.  She met a cat on our walk and was curious, but did not go after it.  She seems to be house broken and did well in her crate at night. Bitsy walks as well on a leash as any Beagle does. This is a great little Beagle girl to make part of your family. Please lets find her a good home!

Bitsy -  FL

SouthEast Beagle Rescue Inc.
PO Box 270631
Tampa, FL 33688-0631
(855) 422-3245

These adorable 5 year old Chichuachua sisters are casualties of stupidity and divorce.  Mom split and dad says the kids won't take care of them.  With the exception of the names they have known all their lives they are the best a Chihuahua can be. Please lets find them a loving home!

NY Pet-I-Care inc.
301 East 22nd Street
NYC, NY 10010
Julia at 646-429-8882
(212) 614-7194

Lulu is a poodle mix around 2-4 yrs old about 12 lbs.  Very sweet but very shy girl.  Prefers to stay close to people and really loves to be hugged. Reason for surrender to shelter: Lulu was surrendered by her owners because they could no longer care for her. Please lets find her a great home!

Lulu #A20754942- Philadelphia, PA

  Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
100 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
215-298-9680 ext 16
 Stella is a beautiful 7 year old Weimaraner who needs a family that understands the breed. She is super sweet but suffers from some degree of anxiety. Loves people but small children make her nervous. She would like a home where her people are not gone all day. Someone who can take her for long relaxing hikes & help her gain self confidence would be ideal. She is fine with cats & lived with another dog - a large laid back companion for Stella would be nice but she would be fine as an aonly dog as well. Please lets find her a good home!

Stella - Landenberg, PA

 CompAnimals Pet Rescue Inc
1497 Flint Hill Rd
Landenberg, PA 19350

Liam is a smaller framed Scottish terrier boy who is approximately 18-24 months of age.  He has a very handsome black and gold brindle coat.  He is an active little guy and tends to want to dominate other Scots during playtime, however, he also has quite a sensitive side and can be shy when you first meet him. Lets find him a loving home!

Liam - Dallas, TX
  Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 551265
Dallas, TX 75355-1265

No paw left behind our mission!

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

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