Sunday, August 25, 2013

Soul Sunday

Watch the pounding surf. Watch the waves lap against the shore, their beginnings somewhere far out to sea, their beginnings in a storm we might never see.  Know your oneness with those waves, with the water of the seas.

Your emotions are like the surf. Sometimes they pound gently, sometimes fiercely.  Sometimes the color is blue, sometimes gray. They may be the result of a storm, sometimes a squall far away.  Let them pound.  Let them pass through.  Let them subside.  Let them turn into the next wave.  Each emotion is connected to a belief, a belief embedded in your soul.  I am abandoned.  I am deserted.  I am separated from God and love.  But you are not your emotions.  Your emotions don't control your life, no matter how fierce, no matter how strong.  No matter how relentless.  No matter, at times, how overwhelming.

Let the emotions pass through.  Feel all you need to feel. Say all you need to say to let the storm subside.  Then pause. Wait. Rest. Let your body regroup and heal.  You will have grown.  You will have changed.  And you'll be on your way to learning something new.

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