Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oprah Magazine

So I have received various messages asking if it is me in the September issue of Oprah, yes it is.   And to those who sent such kind words....thank you!

Of course when Oprah posed the question "If you could make over anything, what would it be"?  Animals were my first thought, never imagined it would be featured in her magazine.  It's just a little excerpt but nonetheless it's rather neat!

The best part is my little Angel is in the photo. It's her that inspired the answer, who inspires me everyday to try to help, protect and take care of animals.  And something as small as Oprah magazine using a photo of Angel and I together means a lot.

Now if only my answer to the question could become a reality for all the animals of the world.

Here is the excerpt for those who don't receive the magazine.  Think about it....what would you make over?

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