Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings

So for weeks now we have been experiencing beautiful weather, in fact at times it felt like fall here.  But now the heat and humidity is returning so it's beginning to feel like summer again. The flowers and vegetable garden could not be happier!

Had another play date with the niece, and this one was even better because my sister got to spend the day with us too.  We had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory, believe it or not I had not dined there before.  The menu is great, the food was delicious though the prices seemed a little high....4.50 for a Raspberry Lemonade? 

The man came alive for the first time in a two weeks, he was back to talking, seemed happy and was doing more than just laying on couch.  Not sure if it was coincidental, related to the dental procedures relieving his pain or it was just time for him to come out of his funk.  Probably should not speak too soon though as today he pretty much hasn't left the couch. Funny because quite a few people ask me how I deal with it, honestly it's not at all what I expected when he resigned from work and there are plenty of days I feel frustrated.  Suppose it's what happens when a type a doer lives with a type b couch potato.

Meanwhile, I just got back from Victoria's Secret as had picked up some cheekinis instead of bikinis.  Maybe this is too much info but I'm an old school string bikini fan but they are getting harder and harder to find.  Seriously either it's hip hugging briefs, cheekinis which to me feel more like a thong and oh yes the infamous thong.  But honestly none in my opinion compare to the comfort (and sexiness) of a string bikini.  And I really wish all the stores would bring them back! 

While they are at it could they make them in simple colors like plain white and beige, you know some of us are a little ocd liking to match them to our bras.  Now that I'm on the topic a thin, pretty waist band without the designers name splashed across it would be nice too.  Seeing that it's becoming impossible to find what I desire maybe I should just become a lingerie designer. :)

Did I mention it appears Angel has boyfriend?  There is a small Yorkshire terrier mix named Bo who walks down the street with his daddy.  This little guy has a fierce bark and according to his daddy can be a nipper. But so far he treats Angel with respect and they seem to enjoy walking with each other.  Neither can walk very far so they are perfect little walking companions for each other.  It's really cute to see!

Speaking of little one look at who is waiting for a walk.  So on that note off we go!


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