Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm feeling out of sorts.  And swear my hormones have gone completely out of whack. Or could it be the full moon?  Actually the two combined together can be potent.  Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be a man with none of the crazy hormonal ups and downs.  Moving on....

The weekend consisted of an all day play date with the niece that was nothing short of action packed. There is no sitting when she is around.  Luckily my mother came over to join in the adventures because not sure I could have handled it all without her.  We even joined the niece in climbing the jungle gym. Plus my neighbor has a girl my nieces age who comes over to play as well.  By evening we were all feeling rather exhausted.

Sunday was one of those days, after bathing the dog I pretty much did not want to leave the couch.

The man is still experiencing a lot of pain related to his teeth so he has been rather miserable lately, and honestly think it's starting to rub off.  Even the dog is feeling it. Sometimes the man seems to retreat into his own little world, where he forgets about others or that we might have needs too which can be hard to deal with. There are many days I envy him just laying on the couch watching tv while I do the work around the house. Okay enough, not going to attract the positive if I'm focusing on the negative right? ha  Though my blog is my journal in a sense so I just need to let feelings out sometimes.

Realized after trying to bike with the niece that the chain on my mountain bike is rusted. So need to figure out how to fix that, any bike experts out there? :)

Curious if anyone else watches Big Brother, it's one of the mans favorite shows. But this season the racism and overall meanness have gotten out of hand.  The people are just cruel.  And instead of playing the game they seem to be afraid of the others in the house so no one stands up for anyone or anything.  I saw the ratings are actually down which is no surprise. It's just sad to see people be so unkind and that sort of thing really bothers me.  Why can't everyone just be nice? 

This Monday let's spread some niceness! 

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