Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musings

Mall fashion show, build a bear, bike rides, candy land, chutes and ladders, mac and cheese, swing rides, fun conversations, can only mean one thing....time spent with the niece.  Definitely the highlight of my week.  For being only five she feels like an old soul as she seems to know things way beyond her years.  She watches people intently and listens even more intently.  Life through her eyes is amazing to experience.  And I'm thankful for every moment I get to spend with her.

Little one had a scare, she usually sleeps in but the other morning she let out a few barks and was roaming all around the bed.  I knew something wasn't right.  She didn't even make it out the door before peeing, and the pee was bloody.  As soon as the vet opened we took her over, here she had a urinary tract infection.  By later that evening the antibiotic kicked in and the pee was back to normal. Though she has to be on antibiotics for ten days she doesn't seem to mind, as wrapped in  peanut butter it's a treat to her.  I found a quality probiotic to give her as well, just like humans, dogs can benefit from them as well.

On another note, the man has been undergoing extensive dental work.  He wasn't in good spirits before all the work but now is even more miserable after it as the pain is intense.  On top of it he stills needs more root canals, and has a severe abscess that so far three different antibiotics have not been able to heal. When the man doesn't feel well he pretty much shuts down, withdraws and is miserable. Yes things have been a little crazy.

But I did manage to fit in a hair appointment.  It's been about a year since I had a haircut and highlight.  Because of the dizziness I cannot extend my neck back in hair salon chairs.  So I go with pre washed hair, she then cuts and foils it.  I drive home with all the foils in my hair, sit around the house for a hour until I can wash it out in the shower.  I can only imagine what people, especially men, must think when they pull up next to my car and see my head covered in foils.  Usually I have a good laugh on the ride home just thinking about it.

Anyway, I keep thinking there must be something to be learned from all the craziness and challenges that seem to infiltrate our life.  For one thing the dizziness has taught me it's good to know a hairstylist that works out of their home. :)

So why not capture our before and afters, except the man's as taking his photo when he feels the way he does, well he is liable to pull a Kayne West or Alec Baldwin and toss the camera.ha
Though I just realized it's hard to see the highlights as I didn't go real blonde so it is more a subtle lightening.  And that's the little girl feeling not great but after her medicine she was ready to play!

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