Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Musings

There is such a thing as perfect weather, but here in Philadelphia it's not something we are accustomed to.  Usually it is either cold or hot, the in between has seemed to disappear throughout the years.  Until now, today has to be the most perfect summer day.  Bright sunny skies, upper 70's, no humidity and a delightful breeze!

Other than a competitive game of uno it was a rather quiet weekend. Watched a movie too....The Fighter, yes another Walhberg flick.  :)  Last week was rather busy so it felt good to just chill out. Honestly I just wanted to bask in the beautiful weather.  It's so nice to have all the windows open, and be able to sit outside enjoying nature. Planted butterfly bushes in the front of the house it's amazing to be able to sit on the porch and watch the butterflies feed on it.

Though while picking some flowers from the butterfly bush I got stung.  Never saw what stung me but sure felt it.  This was the worse sting I have experienced as it not only welled up but the stinging sensation lasted a good two days.  In fact it's turned into a red rash.  Judging from information googled it appears I got stung by a hornet or wasp, which makes sense because we have a huge nest under our high roof. Experts say as along as it's not in a high traffic area it's okay to leave it there.  Of course today it appears I may have found a wasp nest in the making under a bench in the backyard, near where I got stung.  Not sure which one stung me but would like to find some home made sting remedies.

Picked a bunch of tomatoes off the vines, which grow nicely in containers.  Even have a few peppers ready to pick. And the strawberries have even started to bloom again.  The man grilled some hot dogs for lunch, then salmon for dinner. The little one smelled all the food so she was patiently hoping and waiting for something to drop off the grill.

The man has a busy week ahead, he had two root canals today (two root canals, two weeks ago) and is scheduled to get four teeth pulled as well this week. Unfortunately he started smoking again, which isn't good and really bad for his teeth as it hinders the healing process.  He has been on strong antibiotics for weeks because of severe infections within his teeth/gum. He's smart but over the past few months I've begun to question his common sense. And feeling rather worried about him.

On another note I happened to log into twitter yesterday and noticed a bunch of arabic retweets by some account I knew I had not followed. Turns out my account was hacked, whomever hacked it decided to follow a bunch of middle eastern accounts which was rather odd.  So I promptly deleted their work, changed all my passwords and then people really not have anything better to do than hack?  Personally I could think of a million more fun things to do!  But each to their own I suppose.

Since the cooler weather has moved in little one has been exploring the neighborhood, even willing to take little walks.  Since her puppy days the little girl is not fond of walks, she would much rather play ball.  In fact, if we do try to take her for a walk it's not uncommon for her to just sit down in the street and decide she is not walking any further. So when she does venture outside I love taking photos of her in front of all the flowers.

This Monday I'm grateful for the beautiful weather, fresh produce and the beauty of mother nature.

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