Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday Musings

Well the heat wave finally broke here and it made way for glorious summer weather.  Sunny skies, temperatures in 80's and low humidity.  Even were able to sleep without the a/c, it was nice to enjoy the sounds of the grasshoppers chirping and locust humming. 

And surprisingly I was able to get the man off the couch and out for a little.  Had dinner with family one night, mini golf another and even got him out a third day to chip n putt.  But by Sunday the man could take it no longer as he reverted back to the couch literally spending the whole day there. 

As I weeded for hours, cleaned house, ran errands, cooked, etc, he laid on couch so I may have told him that it would not hurt to help around the house. Since he isn't working he has no excuses.  My dad who is 66 works harder. ha  He actually gave me a hard time about having to drive me to medical tests.  He has a MBA but he cannot understand why people need rides when they are given drugs to make them drowsy or have tests that might provoke the vertigo. This is the type of behavior that leave me and others shaking their heads, including his own mother.  It's puzzling.  Let's just say that understanding, even doing the right thing are not exactly his forte at times.ha 

Speaking of tests had to do fasting blood work this morning.  My doctor seemed to go all out as they took a lot more vials than I expected.  Fasting is always interesting as I have the metabolism of a hummingbird. Simply having to wait a hour to eat in the morning can bring on the shakes. One thing that always comes in handy is nutritional high protein shakes such as Boost and Ensure. They can easily be carried in a purse, which I often do.  Back in the day, I'd whip one out say while out for the night, pour into a glass and drink up....people actually thought I was drinking some fancy alcoholic drink. The vanilla ones tend to look like a White Russian drink.

Anyway, this Monday is all about the niece.  She is not only coming over but staying over.  Our neighbor has a little girl her age who she gets along fabulous with, so they can have a play date as well which is something they both get excited for.  Let the playing begin!

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  1. I'm glad the weather has improved. I'm sure your niece is looking forward to her sleepover. Those unpredictable and unexpected little adventures are always so fun.


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