Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Musings

Say it isn't so, oh but it is....we are going back into a heat wave here in Philadelphia.  With an average high of 95 and combined with the oppressive humidity that means it's going to feel in the 100's!   This is when one needs an ocean or pool in their backyard. My sister and her family took off for a beach vacation, to say I'm envious is putting it mildly. :)

This Monday think the highlight of the weekend was a mini golf date with the man on Saturday. Watched a movie on Friday called Side Effects which was full of twists but not as entertaining as some of the others we have rented lately.  I really want to see a comedy like Grown Ups Two, as a good laugh is always great.

Had a check up with the cardiologist, who I waited over a hour and half to see.  He pretty much always runs at least a hour late.  Like a kid I usually have to step into the hallway to find out how much longer.  What drives me crazy is doctors can keep people waiting for hours but if people miss their appointment or are late they can be charged a fee. Another interesting aspect of health care is the lack of knowledge available on women's bodies. Much of the research on various ailments is based on a man's body but now experts are discovering that may ailments affect a man and woman's body differently.

So the man is pretty much still laying around, zoning to tv much of the day which has me crazed yet worried at the same time.  I'm getting worried as he only has about six more weeks left under his severance package, so far he has made no real plans as to what he is going to do when it runs out.  They say opposites attract but I say a doer should not live with a procrastinator it's like asking for constant stress. :)  Sometimes I wonder what it was like to live in the era before tv was created.

Oh and the pepper container garden appears to have gotten attacked by birds.  They picked off all the little peppers that were just starting to sprout which is a first.  I'm leaning toward birds because the container is a decent height off the ground and the plants themselves are growing pretty tall.  Could not believe it as was just saying the other day how excited I was because there were so many peppers starting to sprout.  Wonder what I could put in the containers to keep the birds or whatever picked them off from doing it again?

Anyway, after reading what I just wrote think it's time for a trip to the beach. Or at least a blow up pool to pretend I'm floating in the sea with not a care in the world.  Now doesn't that sound nice!

Maldives, Flowers Frangipani Floating In The Sea

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  1. I'm a firm believer that water heals all! I hope you find some soon. Also, I too sometimes wish the TV was never invented, even though I still use it nearly every day.


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