Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

It's a stormy Monday here.  Lately, our weather has been rather tropical....very humid, warm with some sun and lots of storms. 

The man's father stayed with us for a few days.  He lives in Florida so the man doesn't get to see him all that much.  And when he does it's always with his father's wife, they never get quality alone time together.  So I made sure to keep busy as wanted them to be able to have that time together.  In all our years together I think we have only gotten together with his father maybe twice.  Learned a lot, as having him here it became quite apparent who my man takes after.  Even his attitude toward things.

The man's father commented how energetic I am, how much I do.  He said his wife is like that but he is not.  And he even said he would rather pay someone to cut the lawn or do housework then do it himself.  Could not believe he said it because that is exactly what the man says.  In fact, just like the man he spent a lot of time watching tv.  So now I know where the man got those traits. It's interesting, makes me wonder are we a product of the environments we grow up in, is there a certain amount that's inherited and can people truly change?

I didn't exactly feel that well for a few days.  Never quite sure what brings things on sometimes. And it's probably a combination of things including stress.  Can't help but wonder if hormones sometimes affect things as well.  I'm one of those girls who even knows when she is ovulating as I get all sorts of symptoms.  And hot flashes are something I have experienced since my twenties.  I've talked to doctors about it but none have any good remedies short of taking the pill. Which I tried but it didn't help much.  I could probably do a whole post on hormones because mine are wild.  Doctors usually inform me I'm in the 5% with some of my symptoms.  What a surprise, I basically fall into that category for everything.  I do think hormones can affect all sorts of things in our body.  Being a female is not always easy.  If men had to deal with hormones the work place would probably offer monthly time off. ha  Anyway....

The flowers are blossoming here, find myself wanting to sit on the porch all day and take in nature's beauty.  Which reminds me I need to get a photo of it to share.  The rain actually knocked down some daisies so I put them in a mason jar and now have some of nature's beauty indoor as well.

So all this hype about Google Reader that I have read about for months now seems to be happening. Honestly I didn't even know what it was nor if I should be concerned  But all the blogs I follow are still listed and readable in my blog dashboard so guess that means I don't use google reader. ha

Some people seem to be highly expert bloggers, they really know the ins and outs of blogging hence why they have thousands of followers I suppose.  Have to admit I tend to just write, and read other blogs. Feel way behind on the tips, tricks, ways and business aspect of the blog world.  With the dizziness it makes it impossible to be on the computer for long periods of time, hence I really have to use that time wisely.

I admire the bloggers who can spend hours on the computer building their blogs, or what even seem like businesses these days.  But for me that isn't really an option.  So I try to learn as much as possible on my short periods on the computer.  And I enjoy coming across new blogs to read or even making friends with other bloggers.  The connections and insights into others lives are the things I like most about blogging.  If you follow along I just want to say thanks for being a part of my world and feel free to say hi anytime!

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