Thursday, July 25, 2013

Foggy Update

Today gave in and had the cervical spine mri with contrast done.  I say gave in because over the past two years have had many tests done in regards to the dizzy spells/vertigo.  Many of the tests have come back inconclusive with no concrete answers or solutions. 

So when back in May another neurologist said she wanted this mri and also an eeg, my first thoughts were "oh no, more testing" because honestly some of it hasn't been pleasant.  Mri's especially bring on anxiety the loud noise, enclosed space, no movement and not to mention dye injection. I'm the type that doesn't even like to take tylenol. After much contemplation I decided why not, if it could possibly provide some answers.

Usually take Xanax extended release before attempting an mri, only this time the doctor's office called in the wrong prescription something I didn't realize until a few hours before the test.   So my only choice was to take valium.  During a few vertigo attacks the valium didn't exactly help, so I thought how is it ever going to relax me for this test.  Took 2 2mg tablets, after a hour still didn't feel much and was scheduled to go into the mri.  Really thought I was going to chicken out, then half way through the valium kicked in. (took longer than they said it should) and felt competely relaxed which is a rather foreign concept to me!

They said the test was over and I could not believe it.  When I went to stand up felt not only foggy rather loopy. During the vertigo attacks the valium never seemed to work as well as it did for this test. As I write this I still feel it, literally cannot stop laughing. I can understand why some people may get addicted to this stuff. But I don't so much like the feeling after a hour or two it freaks me out to feel this foggy.

So one more test to go.  And if they have no answers after this, well there isn't much anyone can do which is a rather scary thought.  Hopefully a path is made clear and this foggy feeling lifts!

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