Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taking Over Mommy's Blog

Yes you read correctly, the dog is taking over today.  Shutter to think I even typed that word 'dog' as I consider myself a little human, think my mommy and daddy pretty much think the same.  But yeah I understand technically everyone else thinks I'm just a dog.

In case your wondering I'm a West Highland Terrier. The best breed around, well at least I think so. But  pretty much every dog will tell you that in the hopes of you making them a part of your family and giving them a good home.  :)  

As for me I try to live a simple life, and focus on what's really important.  What's that you ask?

1.Spending as much time as possible with the people I love especially my parents. Which usually involves  
    snuggling of some sort.
2. Eating my mom's home cooked meals, you see I have severe allergies which require a special home
    cooked diet.  People say I eat better than most humans, maybe I do but all I know is salmon,
    broccoli, chicken and golden stuffed oreos taste amazing.
3. Playing wiffle ball, and even though I have little eye sight left I can still hear the ball roll on the hard wood
4. Getting plenty of beauty rest besides who doesn't enjoy a good nap.  My parents even bought a king bed
     just so I would have a nice spot to sleep. Some how though I still prefer sleeping on top of them.

Well that's a little insight into what is important to me.  Oh and the polo shirt I'm wearing helps protect my fur as due to my allergies my skin is very sensitive.  This was fun, hope mommy lets me write again soon!

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