Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

So this week is starting off hot in Philly, they are forecasting a heat wave.  The humidity in Philadelphia can be rather unbearable during summer.  It's funny how people complain about the cold/cloudy winter weather and wish for summer, but when summer gets here they complain it's too hot and crank up the air conditioners so their houses feel like winter.

This weekend I was able to escape for a little and spend a lovely day shopping with my mother.  Exactly what every girl needs.  Of course came home with a few new items of clothing as well.  It was relaxing, plus there were some great summer sales.  Come evening the man and I rented another movie Promised Land.  It was good but a little slow in some parts.  Though we learned a little about fracking and overall it had a feel good theme of sorts to it.

That relaxing day was quickly shattered on Sunday as woke up to find flying ants covering the office room.  Seriously they were on the curtains, windows, walls and not just flying ants but the regular ones were swarming the floor. Even the dog bed was covered in ants.  It was a mess.  Needless to say I spent a good four hours cleaning the room while the man slept.  It seems like when the humidity rises here so do the bugs.

Speaking of the man his tv habits and lack of help around the house are officially driving me crazy.  Work was his excuse before but now that he's not working that excuse isn't either.  So if he doesn't step up soon I'm officially going on strike.  Though would he even notice as I don't think he understands how much I do.  But of course if I didn't make dinner every night he might. :)

And on that note I'm going to wash the car I tried to get him to wash! (his father is visiting this week so thought it might be nice if the car was clean)

Little one wanted to help but I told her that her white fur would get all dirty, so she is going to watch from the porch.

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