Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings

This weekend consisted of a bunch of little things such as cooking, weeding, house work, a movie and lots of golf.

The US Open golf tournament was in town but because of the smallness of the course tickets were limited and rather expensive.  Practice rounds are actually cheaper to attend and fans are allowed to bring cameras in on those days as well. The first half of the tournament started off stormy, but the weather eventually cleared for weekend play.  So when not at the tournament it was on our tv day/night, but then again when isn't the man watching tv. :)  It looked like Phil might win but instead Rose surprised everyone and took home the trophy.  Still feel disappointed for Phil.

The man has been willing to rent movies lately, which has been great it feels like we are finally catching up.  And some how we have grown a fondness for Mark Wahlberg, other wise known as Marky Mark. Does anyone else remember his Calvin Klein days? :)   He has come a long way and it just seems he makes good movies. 

Overall the highlight of the weekend was this little plant.  A neighbor handmade this pot for me, even included a lovely ficus plant as well.   Home made things always feel special because of the effort, heart and time put into them.  What a great reminder that sometimes the little things bring the greatest joy.

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  1. Love that pot! What a nice gift from your neighbor.

    And yes, Marky Mark has come a long way :)


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