Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

This Monday we have torrential rain and tornado watches.  It's actually been this way on and off since Friday. Though it's refreshing it's making quite a mess.

Meanwhile the US Open golf tournament is in town, usually they have practice rounds that the public can attend but even those have been cancelled.  Which is a shame as since the course is so small there are only limited tickets available for the tournament which basically sold out and are being resold for very high prices. The practice rounds allow for more people to get to see the golfers at a lower cost.

Speaking of golf I have to brag just a little here as I won a game of chip n putt against the man.  In fact I had a chip shot that even went right in the hole.  It was unbelievable and fun, especially since the man likes to think he wins everything and tends to talk a lot of trash about how our matches are not competitive enough.

We had dinner with my family which was nice.  Nothing like grilled steaks, homemade french fries, fresh corn on the cob and good conversation with the ones you love.  I don't even take as many photos as I used to because I really try to appreciate the moments for what they are.

Overall we didn't do a whole lot this weekend as we really need to save money.  Though we did watch the movie Savages.  And what a movie, the concept of one woman/two men union was done in a rather intriguing way....dare I say romantic?  If you haven't seen the movie you probably think I'm a tad crazy but honestly who would not love being showered in affection and love as she was.  Anyway, we have definitely been catching up with movies which has been great!

Its been about a month since the man resigned and has been home with us.  The day he first told me I remember feeling a little apprehensive....wondering what his plan was and what would it be like being around each other 24/7.  Of course his expectations of what he was going to do during this time off were completely different than mine. ;)

Here is what I have learned so far , every relationship there are similarities and differences.  Some couples may be like two peas in a pod, others polar opposites.  I believe we fall some where in the middle.  Sometimes though being around anyone 24/7 the differences can become a little more pronounced, or say things that might not otherwise annoy, have the potential to.

Yes we have some distinct personality differences. He watches tv 24/7, I prefer 1-2 hours a day.  He is a procrastinator, I'm the lets try to get it done now type.  He would rather pay people to do housework, I believe we should do it ourselves.  He's reserved, I'm playful.  He's lower key affectionate, I'm overly affectionate.  He's quiet, I'm talkative  He's mellow, I'm hyper.  So these differences can make it interesting and even challenging sometimes too.

I'm trying hard to get the man to loosen up, play, let go of the tv or rest and be willing to have more fun and love filled rendezvous with me, plus be open to doing more around the house.  But it's not an easy sell as he is very set in his ways. So let's just say I think we are both learning lots. :)

Oh and I made a delicious, summer dessert that I will be featuring on a recipe post this week. 

The weather may be rather unusual here this spring but the flowers sure seem to be enjoying it.

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