Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Musings

Here in Philly we basically had a week of scorching temperatures, enough for the weather experts to declare an official heat wave!  Think the man probably wishes he was back at work as to save money I requested we hold off putting in the window a/c unit downstairs just yet.  Wish he had picked winter to resign from work not summer as I like fresh air, windows open come summer, but he prefers to make the house feel like a dark, cold cave.  He needs one of those man cave basements! 

Anyway, we all basically sweated it out for a few days.  Though the man had the bedroom a/c blasting cold air come night.  If he would simply turn off the big screen tv during the day he might not feel so hot, when the thing runs 24/7 it gives off crazy heat making the main room feel hotter than normal. 

Not sure if anyone else has ever noticed that about big screen plasma tvs, but they really generate heat! (in the winter it's great but during summer it's not)  Anyway, we have rain today so hopefully that will help cool things off just a little. We seem to skip Spring here, it goes right from cold to scorching temperatures.

With the weather so hot we stuck to mellow activities.  Stocked up on produce at Produce Junction, barbequed, ran errands, painted, planted some flowers and worked outside, little trip to Barnes and Noble.  Though last week the dizzy spells flared up and they are still lingering.  For some reason a side effect of them seems to be blurred vision so at the bookstore I found myself unable to read. And I could read for hours, it's something I really miss! (the audio books just aren't the same)

Interesting enough I had a check up with a neurologist last week, who is still just as baffled. (all the specialists have been)  I don't pass some of their tests yet they cannot figure out what causes the dizzy spells.  She decided to order a few more tests that haven't been done yet. (tests are never fun)  Think what baffles them the most is that reading, computers, tv and looking down really bring on the spells more than anything else.  None of the medicines they tried worked, leaving them with no new ones to even suggest.  And the mysterious saga continues....

Anyway, this week I'm hoping the man might get off the couch, and turn off the tv.  But that's for another post. haha   His being home 24/7 with us is, well, rather interesting.  :)  

And why is it Monday's I always find myself pondering so much.  For instance they say life is what you make you believe that to be true, why or why not? 

Of course a rainy day would not be complete without a rainbow....

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