Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings

Lately my mind is either overwhelmed with thoughts or just feels rather numb.  Throughout all that's been happening lately my creativity has felt like it has taken a backseat. That's what happens during those busy, overwhelming or stressful moments of life, it feels as if we lose touch with our hearts and souls.

Which has made me realize that sometimes we all just need quiet, down time. It can be as simple as walk in nature, a long hot shower, a ride in the country, a day spent watching movies, a good book, snuggling with those we love, basically anything relaxing or that brings a sense of calm or happiness.  

Honestly no matter how stressed, busy or overwhelmed we feel, we all need to create a physical and emotional quiet, calm space to reflect and recharge.  And if it's seems impossible then it's absolutely essential. It should be a priority.  No matter what others might think we all need to schedule it, commit to it and then make it happen. Whether we work outside the house or from home we still all need to recharge.

Which is what I tried to do this weekend. We went to my niece's softball game, got to see a beautiful sunset as well.  Took walks Saturday, snuggled and watched a movieSlept in on Sunday, spent the day lounging and the man even cooked dinner.  Not only that but we actually ate at the kitchen table by candle light both nights something we rarely take the time to do.  It felt much needed and hope to find a way to include more days like themAnd you know what....the creativity flowed today!




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