Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

So now that the man is home full time, I have to think about what day it actually is.  In many regards him being home makes the week feel more like the weekend.  It's also rather interesting as the man doesn't even have a car right now, a large landscaping truck hit his car a few weeks ago.  Long story short it may be a little until it gets fixed.  Which might make things a little interesting. 

Friday involved cleaning house, shopping for my niece and trying to catch up on my art.  Saturday was my niece's birthday party.  Always excited to spend time with her and the food was delicious.  My brother in law whipped a homemade guacamole up that was better than any store brand I have tried so far. He even made chicken, southwest style eggrolls. Might have to post the recipes on here soon.
Needless to say we went home with a scrumptious bag of leftovers!

Sunday was spent trying to relax, took a nice walk, ate leftovers, watched some sports and caught up on some shows as well.  Thought the man would in some way celebrate mother's day, we may not have human kids but we do consider ourselves doggie parents.  Think he has so much on his mind that it just got overlooked, we all got to spend the day together which is what truly matters!  Though I was happy to see the aspca acknowledge pet mommies yesterday. :)

Wondering if anyone caught the season finale of Revenge last night?  My two favorite non reality shows Revenge and Person of Interest both had great season finales.  Sometimes it's fun just getting lost in shows or movies. And I really like these two because they actually make you think a little, plus tend to keep you on the edge of your seat.  But seriously to leave fans with the cliffhangers they did? 

Anyway, this was my favorite photo from the weekend.  My little girl and me in one of our special snuggle moments.  Think she even smiled for the photo. :)

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