Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings

Starting off this Monday with the man here, makes it feel like the weekend.  Still trying to process his resignation.  And wondering what the next part of this journey is going to hold....

The weekend was a busy one.  Busy is good because it acts as a form of distraction.  Distraction is exactly what the mind needs sometimes.  And definitely what I need right now.

Friday involved a doctor appointment with a specialist something I'll discuss in another post.

Saturday the man, little one and I went shopping for flowers.  Usually I buy impatiens for hanging baskets on our porch, but garden experts are warning that there is a virulent fungus strain that is destroying impatiens and to hold off buying them this season.  Explains why I lost so many last summer though. They even feel it's irresponsible for stores to be selling them.

Tell that to the stores we shopped at, expected to find little to none but the stores were filled with them. While at two different garden centers, I had conversations with women who reiterated the impatien warnings. So I took it all as a sign and went with other flowers this season, but will surely miss the impatiens.  One day when not on such a limited budget I want to fill every outside crevice with colorful flowers and a huge raised garden. I'm seriously obsessed with flowers! :)

Sunday involved catching up on housework, doing a little Spring cleaning and major organizing. There is something about organizing that can actually be enjoyable and dare I see relaxing?  

Yesterday and today the man is pretty much under the weather.  He seemed to have three really good days then his body crashed again.  So his first week home is starting off with him hibernating in bed. Hopefully he will feel better soon.

Anyway, this is my favorite photo from the weekend.  Little one helping shop for flowers!

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  1. Sending you good thoughts for whatever it is you need distracting from. Darn fungus, I love impatiens, too. It sucks to spend money on a plant only to watch it die, though. I too find organizing relaxing, but especially so after it's done :)


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