Thursday, May 2, 2013

Change and more change

Lately I feel like I cannot keep up with the changes in our life.  Every time I think things might be settling down something else seems to happen.  And yesterday came another one....

The man called me from work to say he had resigned!  Now you might recall since the start of this year the man has been going through some very tough times.  And I felt like something of the sort might happen but it still left me speechless.  With the economy the way it is, and his rather poor financial habits of the past, well his decision feels scary. Yet in some ways it is much needed, as work was causing him not to be able to heal other serious problems he has been experiencing. 

That's the thing with change it can feel exhilarating, exciting, fun, enlightening; it can open our lives and world up to good, new possibilities and even make us better people.  On the other hand change can feel uncontrollable, scary, difficult, stressful and it may sometimes involve negative stuff as well. 

I have always seemed to titter between the two.  At times I find comfort in routine, contentedness, having set schedules routines, safety nets of some sort, etc., there is the other part of me that knows changing it up sometimes is needed to let the soul grow, to become who we are meant to be, to discover and learn new things,etc.. And so at times I feel both excited and scared when it comes to change.

There have been so many changes this year, and I know more are yet to come.  Wish I could say I was handling it all well, but honestly there is a part of me that feels stressed out.  Apprehension, worry and fear are at the forefront, plus that fight or flight feeling our body experiences when experiencing stress has been an all too frequent occurrence. 

Yet I know for the most part life is a big unknown of sorts which it involves change.  For a person like me that desires to feel in control of life it's hard to accept sometimes.  And when things feel uncontrollable it's what can provoke the fear and scared feeling.  But that's when I know I need to put it in will always involve constant change and it's just a matter of how we think about it.  Learning to deal with it in healthy ways.  When we feel stressed over change we have to not only remind ourselves of those healthy things but actually do them.

Truth is maybe this will allow him the healing he desperately needs right now.  Needless to say both our mothers are freaked out.  They grew up in a different generation where you go to work no matter how you feel, you work through anything, you stay in the same job your whole life and hope to retire one day with a nice pension.  The thought of him doing this has sent them both into a panic. Wondering if he can handle what's to come and at the same time stay financially afloat.  Valid concerns for sure but just adding to the stress I feel over the changes.

Anyway, back to change....we can try to hide from it, run from it, deny it, ignore it,you name it or we can simply face the fact that life is change.  And that change may just be part of a bigger plan we may not even understand. The most important aspect of change is learning to accept it for what it is and finding healthy ways to deal with it the best we can. 

Tony Robbins once said " Change is inevitable, progress is optional". And sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this as well....

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  1. I hope you find peace with all the change in your world. Change is hard but usually it ends up for the best. Hugs!


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