Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday.  Please meet some great dogs CA, FL, MN, NY, PA, TX and WV all in need of good homes.

As always feel free to share on social media, as the more their stories get shared the better chance they have of finding family's and homes!  

 Cory is a Labrador Retriever mix.  He is a happy go lucky puppy with lots of spunk. He is a happy, happy little boy. He loves to run across the yard and follows you where ever you go. He is very brave with our 2 other labs who are giants compared to this tiny little soul. Cory is a sweet little guy looking for his forever home. Your family would be lucky to have such an attentive puppy like this. He has already learned to fetch and retrieve. We are starting crate training and hope to have him house broken in a couple weeks. He already holds and cries when he needs to go outside to do his business, but also does the same when he wants to play. He is claim and quiet when we leave him alone in his kennel in the spare bedroom and just lays down to go to sleep. He weighs 8.6 lbs and is only 10" high at the shoulders. He does have big paws and may grow to be a big dog. He has such a small head, which is uncharacteristic of a lab puppy who generally have heads much larger than their little bodies.  Let's find him a loving home!

Cory - San Diego, CA


 California Labradors Retrievers and More Rescue
5425 Oberlin Drive, Suite #100
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 273-5386

 Frazier is a 3 year old Australian Shepard. He is sweet and beautiful.  He gets along with dogs, cats, horses, and children.  He is a protective barker at doors and very aware of his surroundings. He is housebroken and walks well on a leash.  He knows basic commands and is crate trained.  Frazier has a sweet temperament and smarts.  Please lets find him a good home!
Frazier - Tallahassee, FL


 Leon County Humane Society
413 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 224-9193 

Lilly is a female Hound mix,she is 3 years old and 31 lbs.  Please lets find her a great home!

Lilly #19833647  -   St Paul, MN

Animal Human Society
1115 Beulah Lane
Saint Paul, MN 55108
(651) 645-7387

Magoo is a 10 lb, 4-6 year old blind Poodle/ Bichon Frise mix who was found on the streets of NYC in March. Within several weeks of joining his foster family, Magoo had learned to get on and off of the family bed, use the dog door and negotiate up and down the three steps of the deck. Good with children, other dogs and housebroken.  He is a charming, sweet boy.  Please lets find him a good home!

Magoo - New York, NY

NY Pet-I-Care inc.
301 East 22nd Street
NYC, NY 10010
Julia 646-429-8882

Mars is a Cairn Terrier mix and is about 15 lbs. He is feisty boy who was traded in by his family for a new baby. He's a high energy terrier mix who gets along with other dogs, but not with cats or kids. He needs lots of exercise and basic obedience training to help him really settle into being a great pet. He does have some issues with resource guarding of toys and high value items, and training will help with those issues.  Please lets find him a loving home!

Mars #A19943664 - Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
100 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
215-298-9680, ext. 16

Archibald is a 7 year old West Highland Terrier who weighs 21 lbs.  He came to TX from CA where he was in a shelter but no one came for him.  At the shelter, he had all kinds of trouble with his skin and hair. He had some surgery for a bunch of bumps and teeth. Now he is all fixed up.  He is house trained and living with a foster family.  He really likes food.  The vet says that I can't hear but I have learned sit and down signals. He needs a little extra special care but this cutie is worth it.  Please lets find him a great home!

Archibald - Dallas, TX


 Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network
P.O. Box 1354
Romoland, CA 92585

 Toby is a young Beagle/ Shepard mix. He is a sweetie and he is in desperate need of a loving home.  Please lets find this guy a  good home!

Toby #14880 -  Winfield, WV

 Putnam Animal Relief Center (PARC)
1 Sabre Road
Winfield, WV 25213
(304) 586-0249

No paw left behind our mission!

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration.  Reminders of do what makes us happy, follow our hearts, engage in our passions, work hard, open our minds, always be kind, surround ourselves with love, positiveness and good people, most importantly to pursue our dreams....


Also wanted to mention that I'm over at Shane's blog Whispering Sweet Nothings  today as well. She has created an amazing concept called Operation Beautiful.  In her words "this project is to make you think, ponder, appreciate the simple things about yourself, that add up and make you truly beautiful."  What a great inspiration!  If you get a chance check it out and submit your information to be featured in an upcoming Operation Beautiful post.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day Thanks

Memorial Day has always seemed to kick off summer, picnics, parties, white pants and trips to the beach.  But sometimes it can feel as if the true significance of the holiday gets overlooked.

My father is a Vietnam War Veteran. His service to the military, to his country and his stint during the war were not easy.  Back in those days men were drafted so he didn't have a choice. In the middle of his life he was basically shipped overseas and into a war.  He gave up college, career opportunities, was torn away from his family,etc.. The fact that many didn't return from that war, or even other wars is hard to comprehend.  I don't know what our family would have done without my father. 

Many days I think the fact that my father returned is a miracle, and even though he returned it was not without wounds of some sort. Military service is not easy for anyone, even the toughest come back with wounds whether it be physical, mental or whatever else.  And they often come back to lives that have been altered as well.  It's not only tough on them but those around them as well.

So on holidays like this it causes me to deeply reflect about all those men and women who gave their lives to protect not only our country and it's people, but other countries and their people as well.  It goes deeper than just protecting, it's about standing up for freedom and individual rights for all people of the world.  It's about wanting to make the world a beautiful, good place for everyone and being brave and courageous enough to do so.

For some people it may not always feel or seem right, many believe there are more peaceful ways to solve things, maybe sometimes things don't always go as planned or hoped but most these men and women of the military do have the best interest of the world in their hearts and souls.  They want to help make this world a better place.

Military men and women don't exactly make a lot of money for all the sacrifice and difficult work they do.  Many come back wounded with little help from the government afterwards.  Often times it's even hard to find jobs or settle back into normal lives.  And for those families who have lost their loved ones it can be even harder.

So a heartfelt thank you to all those men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country.  And a thank you to the families of those men and women who made sacrifices as well.  Let us not forget that freedom comes from others sacrifices. 

Here are just a few ways to help our military, veterans and world.  Keep in mind there are plenty of other organizations that exists as well.

Wounded Warrior Project

 "Who kept the faith and fought the fight, The glory theirs, the duty ours. It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle to try to make the world a better place."


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Soul Sunday

Sometimes life can be challenging, it can feel painful, stressful and a whole host of other maybe not so pleasant things.  But it is usually those very things which allow us to grow to our full potential and good, to become who we are meant to be.  Without them there would be no change.  

Our problems can be blessings if we use them to grow stronger. Change usually does not happen overnight though it takes commitment, patience, work, time and small steps.  

Open your soul to what the challenges of life are trying to teach you.  Listen, learn and take small steps each day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Simple Fish Sticks

These fish sticks are simple to make and delicious as well.  Feel free to experiment with adding different spices to the breadcrumb mixture.  We use Dijon mustard and Cocktail sauce to dip the fish sticks in but I have also included a recipe for a homemade dipping sauce.

1 lb Tilapia Fillets
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
3/4 Cup Bread Crumbs
2 Tbsp Cup Parsley, finely chopped
1 Tsp Paprika
1/2 Tsp Salt
1/4 Tsp Pepper

1. Heat oven to 425 degrees.
2. Line a baking sheet with nonstick aluminum foil.
3. In a shallow bowl combined the bread crumbs, oil, paprika, parsley, 1/2 salt and 1/4 pepper.
4. Cut the tilapia diagonally into 1 1/2 inch thick strips and coat in the bread crumb mixture, pressing gently to adhere. Transfer to baking sheet.
5. Cook 8-10 minutes until golden brown and opaque throughout.

Dipping sauce

1/2 Cup Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp Parsley
2 Small Dill Pickles, finely chopped
2 Tsp Whole Grain Mustard

In medium bowl combine the mayonnaise, pickles, mustard and remaining parsley.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Help for Addictions

There is a saying "the difference between who you are, and who you want to be, is what you do."   

During this whole journey and process through a loved ones addiction I have learned that people can tell an addict they need to seek help but only the addict can do it.  Parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, spouses, partners, friends, co workers, can help but they cannot stop the person from partaking in their addiction. The person must do it, and must desire to want to stop. And that means being completely clean not substituting another substance or addiction.

What's also been surprising to learn while doing research is the various addictions that exist in our world, they run far beyond just alcohol and drugs. 

Obtaining help is by far one of the hardest things to get anyone with an addiction to do.  Asking an addict to get help is not only exhausting but is usually met with extreme resistance on many levels.  Oh they will come up with every, and I mean every, excuse in the book as to why they do not need help.  And many addicts believe they can overcome it themselves by sheer willpower.  While willpower is very important, there are other equally important aspects to recovery and healing as well. 

Fact is stopping the substance of choice is the first step, but if one doesn't work on the behaviors, habits, lies, lifestyle,friends, etc., that caused one to use and keep using success will be fleeting.  And that is where support and the right programs can be of utmost benefit. Treatment should address more than just substance.  A good counselor trained in behavior or cognitive therapy, combined with family and/or friend support can make all the difference.

Addiction affects ones whole life, including relationships, career, health, and psychological well being. Treatment success depends on developing a new way of living and addressing the reasons why they turned to drugs in the first place, and what behaviors or thoughts contributed to it. A good counselor, combined with family/friend support can make all the difference.

Think about it like this. If you give a starving person some food, you feed them for a day. If you give them tools, and show them how to farm, you feed them for their lifetime.  The same goes for addiction, addicts need tools to help them recover and stay clean

But when trying to get the addict to seek help it can be very challenging, difficult, painful and often times incredibly frustrating.  As from an outsiders perspective it's clear what needs to be done but from the inside perspective of an addict they are in the dark.  Often times not open or even ready to be truly helped.

During the early help stagesdefensiveness and denial can reach epic proportions.  Addicts will defend their excuses until they can no longer even think straight.  They will resort to all sorts of not so nice behavior and actions....those trying to help the addict will have to have thick skin as often times the addict will try to belittle, hurt, anger, and lash out at the very people who are trying to help!  And sometimes it may even mean walking away from the situation until they are ready and willing to accept the help. 

How do you help someone that isn't open or ready to accept help, or for that matter doesn't think they need help or support, that becomes the larger question?

This might be one of the better pieces of information I have read on the very subject.  And so I share it here and would say it's a good place to start for anyone looking to help another with an addiction.  People can change, sometimes they just need a little help to get there.  

 How To Convince An Addict To Get Help  

Many people who struggle with alcohol, drugs or other addictions have a difficult time getting better. There are many reasons why these people do not get the help they need to get better. Many family members who see their loved ones struggle have a very difficult time in getting their loved ones assistance. Here are six suggestions on how to convince a person struggling with alcohol or drugs to get the help they need to get better.

1. Family Intervention
The most popular way to get someone the help they need is to do a family intervention. This is when family members and an interventionist get together with the addict to tell them how they love them and wish that they get help to get better. Each family member takes a turn and tells the person how special they are and that they need to get help. The person who is struggling listens and hopefully they become convinced to get the help they need.

2. Talk To The Person On What Will Happen If They Do Not Get Help
Another way to convince the person who is struggling with alcohol or drugs is to get someone who is an expert on addiction and have them do a one on one talk with this person. This expert on addiction should explain to the addict what will happen if they do not get the help they need to get better. Basically, the expert should warn the person of the dire consequences of what will happen if they do not change their ways. The expert should be vivid as possible and hold nothing back. The goal is to convince the person to get help or they will suffer and eventually their life will slowly come to an end.

3. Use The Services of A Professional Or A Former Addict
Try to find a professional or even a former addict who has “Been There” to talk to the person. This is similar to Step Two, however instead of warning the person, these professionals can use their skills to talk and try to reason with the person. These experts are usually trained and can use a proactive approach into trying to convince the addict to get help. The goal is to try to reason and talk with the person so they can get professional help.

4. Find Out The Reasons Why The Person Won’t Get Help
Many people overlook this suggestion. Ask the person who is struggling with alcohol or drugs to list 3 reasons why they will not get help. At first, they will say all kinds of things, but continue to engage the person and get the 3 main reasons why they refuse to get help. It might take a couple of tries but listen to what they say. Once you get the answers, write them down on a piece of paper. Note: Fear and Frustration are huge factors for the person not getting help.

5. Determine The Solutions To Those Barriers
Once you get those 3 reasons, get a professional or an expert to find the solutions to those issues. For example, the person says that they will not get help because they tried a few times and they failed and that they will fail again. Ask a few addiction professionals to find a solution to this issue that will help the addict overcome this barrier. 

One good answer to this example is the following: “Yes, you tried to get better and failed however this time we will do things differently. We will keep a daily diary of everything you do and you or someone else will document what you do each day. If you stumble or fail you will write down your feelings at the time and why you failed. When you recover from a bad episode you can read your diary and find out what went wrong. Once you know what went wrong you will know why you failed and will find a way to prevent this from happening again.”

Use your list from step three and list every positive thing that will counter those barriers. When you are finished, present this to the person who is struggling and explain what you came up with. This will help reduce the person’s fears and anxieties and may convince them to get help. Developing a plan to counter their reasons of not getting help will go a long way.

6. Talk to the Person Instead of Talking At Them
Nobody wants to be lectured. Be honest with them and tell them that it will require some hard work on their part but that they can get better. If they don't get help, they will suffer. The person who is struggling is scared and they need help in overcoming their fears and resistance to getting help. Remember to find out those fears, address possible solutions to those fears, and you will have a better chance of getting through to that person. Hopefully, sooner or later, you will be able to get through to the person. The key is to be persistent. Be very persistent. Also, it would help to have everybody pray for that person. Involving God in your current situation can sometimes produce unexpected results. 
How to Convince an Addict to Get Help by Stanley Popovich 

Here are links to organizations that can provide help and insight.

Keep in mind these are only a few of the many of anonymous programs that exist.  There is a anonymous organizations for just about every addiction that exists. Including such things as overeating, porn, gambling, shopping and so on.  They can easily be found by doing a google search, or on sites such as

Alcoholics Anonymous –
Narcotics Anonymous –
Gamblers Anonymous –
Debtors Anonymous –
Pills Anonymous –

For Family
Al-Anon/Alateen –
Nar-Anon –

Note: Most important in the help process is for family, friends and loved ones to also take care of themselves.  To be supportive but not enabling.  To seek out counseling or related meetings to find help for themselves in dealing with their loved ones addiction as well.  To do what they need to do to be happy as well.

Live in Present Quotes - This is the beginning of a new day


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday.  Please meet some great dogs from  CA, FL, GA, HI, NY, PA and TX all in need of good homes.

As always feel free to share on social media, as the more their stories get shared the better chance they have of finding family's and homes! 

This young male Cairn Terrier doesn't even have a name, he is just a number for now.  He is sitting in the Los Angeles animal control just waiting for home.  Please let's find this little guy a loving home!

A1391144 - Los Angeles, CA

South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center
3612 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90018
(888) 452-7381

Mandy is an easy going and friendly greyhound girl.  She recently came to us after completing her racing career.  She is quiet and friendly and already walks very well on a leash.  As you can see from her photos, Mandy is a pretty red fawn.  She is currently living in a foster home with 4 other greyhounds, and gets along fine with them.  She was tested as friendly around cats, although she has not yet lived with a cat.  We took her to her first adoption event where there were hundreds of people, all types of dogs, and loud music.  She did very well with it and took it all in stride.  Mandy is still  at racing weight and will need to gain 3-4 lbs. to be at a good weight for a pet. As a professional athlete, Mandy competed in races in Arkansas and at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg.  She raced a little over two years and recently retired because she has lost a little speed compared to the other greyhounds in her races. Please let's find this sweet greyhound a great home!

Mandy - Tampa, FL

 Mandy: Greyhound, Dog; Tampa, FL

Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions Inc., Tampa, FL

Pearl is an extra large Golden Retriever who needs a loving family.  Please let's find her a good home!

Pearl  2805 - Gray, GA

 Pearl Cty#2805: Golden Retriever, Dog; Gray, GA

Jones County Animal Control, Gray, GA

 Trust is a Hound/Terrier mix who was found in a storm drain.  He is still timid and scared but loves to play and eat.  He needs a foster asap as the person who rescued him is moving this week(may 15th).  We are looking for a short term or long term foster as well as forever home. Please lets find him a loving home!

 Trust - Pearl City, HI

Trust: Hound, Dog; Pearl City, HI
 Pawprints Rescue, Pearl City, HI

 This handsome and charming man is Anderson.  He came to Bideawee after we rescued him from a high kill municipal shelter, just before he was out of time.  Anderson is a sweet, social, and active young man, who loves to meet new people.  He is seeking an energetic home, which can keep up with his energy.  He also needs a home that is willing to continue his obedience training, and who can teach him not to jump when greeting new people.  Anderson is very smart, though, and should catch on quickly to everything he’s taught.  Due to his size and exuberance, children over 9 may be best for him.  All this loving boy needs is an opportunity. Let's find him the great home he deserves!

Anderson - New York, NY 

Bideawee Inc. Manhattan
410 E. 38th St. between 1st Ave. & FDR Dr.
New York, NY 10016
(866) 262-8133

Both of these girls are young, spayed, and as you can see gorgeous.  But because they came from puppy mills they need a little extra TLC, the company of another dog (one who is gentle, nice, happy), and a physically fenced in yard. That fence must be secure, escape-proof and in good shape.  These gals are going to be a little skittish at first and may bolt and will not come back.  So the fence is non-negotiable. Mary Ellen- or M.E. is an 18 mos. westie mix.  Yes, she is too cute for words and is remarkably resilient  so the transition should be fairly smooth. Westies are known for the perky personalities and adorable prancing way of walking.  They are smart too and easily trained.  But they are terriers so we think that given ME's background her ideal home will be in a relatively quiet home with dog-savvy people.  ME will, in turn, give you the best 13-15 years of her life.Sadie is a pomeranian mix and like ME is simply too cute for words but has not had her spa day yet.  Poms are fun and feisty- and have personality plus.  They are loyal and loving.  Sadie will do best with a friendly canine companion, lots of human companionship, and fun, fun, fun!  Small requirements for winning the doggie lottery prize if you are lucky enough to adopt her.  Let's find these two a good home!

Mary Ellen and Sadie - West Chester, PA

Westie & Pom: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; West Chester, PAWestie & Pom: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; West Chester, PA
 All Things Pawssible Animal Rescue, West Chester, PA 
 P.O. Box 866
Downingtown, PA 19335
This is a tough one because it is hard to believe that this impossibly adorable boy needs a new home, but it's true.  We know that Cal is going to grab heartstrings and be very popular but remember we search for the right home, not the first home. Cal has been with his family his whole life.  Everything was hunky dory until the human baby became mobile.  As a terrier Cal can be territorial.  And the toddler has invaded Cal's territory and that has not sit well.  His mommy and daddy know that Cal will be happier in a home without small children and have asked us to help him find a great match.  We are sure that there is a family with kids 12+ and who understand the small dog mentality and are willing to give this dapper, house trained little fellow a chance.  Cal is very smart and listens well.  He also loves car rides and water.  Let's find him a loving home!

Cal - West Chester, PA

 Cal: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; West Chester, PA
 All Things Pawssible Animal Rescue, West Chester, PA 
 P.O. Box 866
Downingtown, PA 19335

Connor is a Scottish Terrier who came to the rescue via a shelter after he was surrendered by his owner.  He is a playful and handsome wheaten boy who is just 24 months of age. Please lets find him a great home!

Connor - Dallas, TX

Connor: Scottish Terrier Scottie, Dog; Dallas, TX

Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc., Dallas, TX

No paw left behind our mission!

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mean Day

Are people born mean? rude? bad or evil?  Or does something happen during their life to make them that way?

Some days I have to admit I'm astonished by the rudeness and meanness that exists in some people or in our world.  It's hard to comprehend let alone understand.  Today happens to be one of those days.  Yes I encountered that type of meanness that just leaves one shaking their head in disbelief.  The act or words are not even worth mentioning as that would be to give it more acknowledgment than it's worth.

Though I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising, as on any given day we turn on the news to hear story after story about bad people, evil acts and that kind of meanness we wish didn't exists in this world.

It's easier to see on the news though, than to actually encounter people who might have any of those traits.  And it's much easier to pretend the world is full of nice people.  Besides, what do mean people even get out of being mean, except maybe making themselves more miserable.  If they understood the law of attraction or even karma they would realize that meanness will only attract more meanness to them.

Just cannot help but wonder how people come to be like they are  What makes one person good and another bad?  What makes one person nice and another mean? 

Though I suppose it's the ying and yang of life there are always opposites. Or like the law of motions for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

Guess the idealist in me just wishes the world could be filled with only good, loving, nice people. 

And maybe that's considered impossible but what matters most I suppose is this...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings

Lately my mind is either overwhelmed with thoughts or just feels rather numb.  Throughout all that's been happening lately my creativity has felt like it has taken a backseat. That's what happens during those busy, overwhelming or stressful moments of life, it feels as if we lose touch with our hearts and souls.

Which has made me realize that sometimes we all just need quiet, down time. It can be as simple as walk in nature, a long hot shower, a ride in the country, a day spent watching movies, a good book, snuggling with those we love, basically anything relaxing or that brings a sense of calm or happiness.  

Honestly no matter how stressed, busy or overwhelmed we feel, we all need to create a physical and emotional quiet, calm space to reflect and recharge.  And if it's seems impossible then it's absolutely essential. It should be a priority.  No matter what others might think we all need to schedule it, commit to it and then make it happen. Whether we work outside the house or from home we still all need to recharge.

Which is what I tried to do this weekend. We went to my niece's softball game, got to see a beautiful sunset as well.  Took walks Saturday, snuggled and watched a movieSlept in on Sunday, spent the day lounging and the man even cooked dinner.  Not only that but we actually ate at the kitchen table by candle light both nights something we rarely take the time to do.  It felt much needed and hope to find a way to include more days like themAnd you know what....the creativity flowed today!




Sunday, May 19, 2013

Soul Sunday

It's been said all that we are is the result of what we have thought. That the mind is everything and we become what we think.  Thoughts create, especially our attitudes. 

And attitude is important. It is more important than the past, education, money, circumstances, failure successes, facts, what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It can make or break anything. 

The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude or thought we will embrace for that day.  While there are things we can change in life, there are often things we cannot change.  So the only thing we can do is try to control our attitude by changing our thoughts. Watch your thoughts, change the ones you don't like and see what happens.....

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today I decided to link up with Jenni's challenge.  I have seen quite a few blogs partaking in her challenge this month so decided why not give it a try? 

Write about something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

The first thing that comes to mind is all the health issues I have encountered over the years. They have been challenging, mysterious, scary and altered my life in various ways.

The dizziness has been the most puzzling. Years ago while spending hours on the computer for work I started developing odd dizzy spells.  Literally thought I was having a seizure as it felt like my brain was being zapped.  I would be working on computer then next thing I knew my brain felt as if it had been dropped kicked....the room would whirl, my eyes felt cross, a sense of not being able to move, tingling down my left arm and leg, my brain felt dazed as if I had just been knocked out.  Even reading and watching tv became hard.  To make it worse I would get vertigo out of the clear blue as well.  And that spinning could go on for hours, in the midst of an attack I would have to try to crawl to a safe place to sit. Any little movement would make the spinning worse, which brought on horrible nausea as well.

Saw experts in neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, neuro opthalmology, otolaryngology, otology,
physical therapy, etc.. They had theories but no concrete diagnosis or solution. They theorized it could be due to head injuries when I was younger as I display symptoms similar to athletes that have sustained concussions, could be damage to nerves within the ear, could even be related to cervical spine issues, oh they have a list of theories. They tried various medicines, even physical therapy but nothing brought any substantial relief. In various ways it cost me a lot, including financially as I had to give up working. Plus vertigo can be hard to understand as sufferers look okay on the outside.

During this period also found out I have a leaking heart valve on top of a tachycardia I take medicine for even though the vertigo is horrible, this in my opinion is even worse.  Since I'm baring all here I will say that the heart stuff scares me more than anything.  I have difficulty even talking about it. Then of course there is the Interstitial Cystitis, ovarian cyst/fibroid, what they believe could be Sjogrens and a few other things I don't feel comfortable getting into right now.  The health stuff has been extremely difficult....all the money spent, the hopes that got raised only to be let down, the fear and not knowing, the suffering at times, the lack of answers, the not being able to work and honestly the sheer unknown of it all.  I spent a lot of time asking why, why me and why was I given all this health stuff. 

At first I worked real hard to try to overcome it all.  But than I realized it wasn't so much about overcoming it as learning to accept it.  Possibly the hardest thing for a control freak like myself to do.  On some level I wanted to believe I could control all of it.  But then I realized when I did all the doctors told me to do, and did not feel better that maybe some things cannot be controlled, cured or necessarily overcome.  Sometimes it's simply about learning to accept them for what they are.  Learning to create and live a new life in spite of them.  And yet also remain open to trying new treatments when they come up.

Wish I could say I have learned to fully accept all the health issues for what they are, but it's still a work in progress. Some days the health stuff leaves me paralyzed in fear, sometimes I feel very envious of those with perfect health, sometimes it does get me down and all I wish is to be healed.  Yet I try to focus on the positive as well.  Had I not been given this lot maybe I would have never come to appreciate all I do now.  Suppose it brought a sort of enlightenment of sorts.

Before all the health issues my mindset tended to dwell on the more superficial aspects of life.  It's like I was going through the motions of life but not really comprehending the important stuff.  But all the health stuff really opened my world up to what really matters, who really matters and what's most important in life. It's added a depth to me, to my world that I might not have been able to find or see without it.  Honestly I have a new found respect for life, our bodies and the universe around us than I would have ever had, had this stuff not happened.  Not only that but a deep desire to help others as well.

The simplest things make me happy these days, because you have no idea how special those things are until you cannot do them.

Some days I cannot help but wonder if we are given these certain lots in life to help make us into who we are meant to be?  Or to make those around us into who they are meant to be?  Maybe we all need to learn different things, in different ways to become the best we can be?   Deep down we all have weaknesses, imperfections and difficulties in our own ways.  And the uniqueness of each one of us can help each other grow and learn more than if we were all the same right?

Don't get me wrong, it still scares me some days, and there are still bad days but those days only make me appreciate the good ones that much more.  And you know that saying when life hands you lemons make lemonade....those words have become somewhat of a motto around here!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday.  Please meet some great dogs from AZ, CA, LA, NJ, NY, PA and TX all in need of good homes.

As always feel free to share on social media, as the more their stories get shared the better chance they have of finding family's and homes!  

Akira is a 10 mo. Aussie. This adorable girl has special needs, but does not let it stop her one bit! She is very vivacious and lives life with gusto, even though she is deaf and mostly blind. She is very smart, and can be trained using touch signals. She has no fear of anything. She loves meeting new people, and usually greets them with a kiss if they let her. She gets along great with other dogs, and loves to play. She is good with cats, and has liked all the children she has met, although she doesn't live with any right now in her foster home. She is spayed, has all her shots, and is microchipped too. She is even already crate trained and housebroke. You just won't find a better dog than Akira. Let's find this girl a good home!

Akira - Tucson, AZ

 Adopt A Mutt
Tucson, AZ 85711
(520) 514-5322

Tommy is an adult Maltese/ Poodle miniature.  He is just sitting at the Los Angeles Care and Control center hoping to find a family and home.  Please let's find this guy a loving home!

Tommy ID # A1390969 -  Los Angeles, CA

South Los Angeles Animal Care and Control Center
3612 11th Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90018
(888) 452-7381

   Brandi is an 11 month old Shetland Sheep dog who needed HOPE's help when her elderly owner could no longer care for her.  She is a super-smart girl and would make an adorable family pet. She is very loving, playful and adores going for walks. Brandi is housetrained, spayed, utd on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. Lets find her a good home!

Brandi - Thibodaux, LA

  HOPE for Animals
P.O. Box 1341
Thibodaux, LA 70302

Sweet Pea is a beautiful greyhound.  You almost can’t see her spots until she holds her ears up and then there they are, speckled all over her perfectly symmetrical floppity ears.  Her thick, velvety coat sparkles in the sun, but it’s her glimmering personality that truly captivates.  She is soft and powerful, angelic and athletic, charming and most definitely disarming.  She carries herself with an intelligent, reserved air, a lady in each and every way. After the completion of her racing career, from January to May 2013, Sweet Pea was enrolled in a teaching program at Becker College, where she helped students learn the fine art of responsible animal care.  She has done a great service for the community by helping the animal professionals of tomorrow learn to be compassionate and capable in their field of study.  She is 3 ½ years old, spayed and microchipped.  She has had a dental cleaning and is up to date on her vaccines, heartworm and flea and tick protection.  Sweet Pea has also been introduced to clicker training, and has had some experience in a real-life apartment which has helped her become familiar with the skills she will need in her new life as a beloved pet.  Please consider meeting her if you are looking for a stunning, star-quality friend! Although Sweet Pea loves people, no cats, please.  Lets find this sweet greyhound a great home!

Sweet Pea - Cherry Hill, NJ


 Greyhound Friends of NJ, Inc.
PO BOX 4416
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0669
(732) 356-4370

 Chiffon is a sweet gentle beautiful lab mix.  She is crate trained.  She will melt in your heart.  She is approximately 16 weeks young.  Let's find this puppy a good home!

 Chiffon - Mt Laurel, NJ
Animal Sanctuary Society Inc.
PO Box 24
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
(856) 642-0004

This photo was taken on little 8 lb, 9 year old Sammy's first day in foster care.  He is a terrier mix. Poor Sammy was on the list to be killed on April 22 at NYC Animal Care and Control.  If this sweet little scruffer might be the tiny canine for you contact Julia at number below.  Let's find Sammy a loving home!  

Sammy - New York, NY

NY Pet-I-Care inc.
301 East 22nd Street
NYC, NY 10010
Julia 646-429-8882
(212) 614-7194

Powder is a sweet little guy! His favorite place to be is by your side or in your arms. He is house broken, loves walks, and knows basic obedience. He is great with other dogs and kids as well. Powder was surrendered by his owner who moved and could not take him along. Now Powder is just waiting to find a family.  Let's find this guy a good home!

Powder - Elizabethtown, PA

Powder: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; Elizabethtown, PA

2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue, Elizabethtown, PA
877-789 -3647

Beautiful LuLu is Great Pyreneess.  She is soft and sweet, a very mellow girl. LuLu is very super dog friendly which is why we have a special request for her. LuLu is very best friends with Nolan, our Great Dane/American Bulldog who came to us extremely abused and nearly starved to death. Nolan and LuLu have found true friendship and love with each other and we are looking for a home to adopt both LuLu and Nolan together. Imagine every day filled with love and friendship...that is what living with LuLu and Nolan is like.  Nolan and LuLu are raw fed dogs and both holistically and herbally treated. Both are crate trained and super people and animal friendly.  Let's find these two a great home!

LuLu and Nolan - Austin, TX

Reunion Rescue
Austin, TX 78734

No paw left behind our mission!

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random Thought

Lately I realized just how selfish some individuals can be.  It's something I think I didn't want to accept or see before but now it's become pretty clear.  While I felt rather upset upon realizing this, finding this little bit of wisdom made me realize it's their path to walk, not mine. So while some people might be selfish I don't have to stoop to their level, I can simply rise above and live in selflessness.  The truth is we all just have to strive to live and be the best we can be because eventually what comes around goes's the circle of life.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musings

So now that the man is home full time, I have to think about what day it actually is.  In many regards him being home makes the week feel more like the weekend.  It's also rather interesting as the man doesn't even have a car right now, a large landscaping truck hit his car a few weeks ago.  Long story short it may be a little until it gets fixed.  Which might make things a little interesting. 

Friday involved cleaning house, shopping for my niece and trying to catch up on my art.  Saturday was my niece's birthday party.  Always excited to spend time with her and the food was delicious.  My brother in law whipped a homemade guacamole up that was better than any store brand I have tried so far. He even made chicken, southwest style eggrolls. Might have to post the recipes on here soon.
Needless to say we went home with a scrumptious bag of leftovers!

Sunday was spent trying to relax, took a nice walk, ate leftovers, watched some sports and caught up on some shows as well.  Thought the man would in some way celebrate mother's day, we may not have human kids but we do consider ourselves doggie parents.  Think he has so much on his mind that it just got overlooked, we all got to spend the day together which is what truly matters!  Though I was happy to see the aspca acknowledge pet mommies yesterday. :)

Wondering if anyone caught the season finale of Revenge last night?  My two favorite non reality shows Revenge and Person of Interest both had great season finales.  Sometimes it's fun just getting lost in shows or movies. And I really like these two because they actually make you think a little, plus tend to keep you on the edge of your seat.  But seriously to leave fans with the cliffhangers they did? 

Anyway, this was my favorite photo from the weekend.  My little girl and me in one of our special snuggle moments.  Think she even smiled for the photo. :)

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