Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts on Boston

I used to live in Boston, in fact I even finished my degree in Clinical Psychology there.  It has always been a favorite city as well.  Compared to some cities in which I have lived, I considered Boston both beautiful and as far as cities go rather safe.  And well the Boston Marathon is a huge event there, people coming from all across the world to run it.

And yesterday it dawned on me there is no truly safe place. Maybe there never was.

My thoughts kept coming back to the same things though....what has become of our world?   The world knows better, yet it continues not to do better.  Why?

The violence that is taking over the world just doesn't make any sense.  We live on a beautiful planet but yet we don't seem to notice the beauty given us, in us and amongst us. 

Most importantly we cannot let evil win, no we just cannot.  We must somehow find ways to stand up to it.  Find ways to stand up for those who cannot as well.  And as a world we must find ways to let the good outshine the bad.  Because as Maya Angelou said when we know better, we are suppose to do better.

Is it possible that for every evil act, each of us goes out and immediately does a good act? Would that at least be some kind of start toward creating more good?  Because if everyone did just one good act would that positive energy flood the world, and in a sense drown out the bad?

What are the answers....they must be there if we listen and look closely enough.  

Blessings and prayers to those in Boston, and to all those around the world suffering.

 For you bless the godly, O LORD; you surround them with your shield of love. ~ Psalm 5:12

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