Sunday, April 14, 2013

Soul Sunday

There are those moments our souls become impatience....wanting answers, solutions, dreams to come true and so on.  Oh the list of things the soul feels impatience about can be long some days.  

This Soul Sunday here are wise words written by Melody Beattie to inspire the impatience soul.

"Watch the surfers as they work their way out to sea.  See them watching the waves, waiting for the right movement, the right timing, the right swell.  Sometimes the waves come quickly.  Sometimes they have to tread water patiently for a long time, waiting and watching before they can ride the wave. 

Learn to ride the energy in your life.  Learn to wait for the right time to take action.  Learn to wait until your senses, your emotions, your body and the universe give you the signal you need.  Yes, you have a list of thins you want to do.  But as soon as you have made that list, visualized what you want, you've already begun a powerful force.  You've already begun to engage the universe in helping bring you what you want.  There are moments that are more perfect than others to initiate action, to make that phone call, to finish that task. 

Untimely action will not get the job done any sooner.  It will simply waste your energy and send you back to sea, waiting for the right wave.  Focus on your goal, muster all your forces and head out to sea.  Then wait patiently for the right time, for the right energy, for the right wave.

The right wave will come.  When it does, grab your board, jump on and ride it for all it's worth. " 

Beautiful waves for surfers

Waves are inspiring, not because they rise and fall.
But because each time they fall,
They never fail to rise again,
To succeed, you need to try,
Try until you succeed. 

Waves make their own way, down their path.
And on the beach there's a footpath,
Each grain of sand sinks to a print,
And everyone's path means something to the world.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful and something I needed to read! Thank you for writing it. I love it.


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