Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soul Sunday

"You are what you eat" is a common phrase.  It's a known fact that what we nourish our bodies with can have a direct impact on our mental and physical health.  But it's more than just about what we eat....

Who we choose to surround ourselves with, what we chooses to watch on tv or read on the internet, the books or newspapers we read, the places we live, the environments we work, what we do in our free time, how we spent our time, etc....can all directly impact us as well.  Those are the very things that not only nourish our mental and physical health, but they nourish our souls as well.

Essentially our souls need nourishment with more than just food.  How can we nourish our souls?  Our worlds seem more and more packed with more things to do, people seemed overwhelmed with to do lists and stress, few of these things do anything to improve our health or nourish our souls.  Think about it what could you do to nourish your soul more everyday?

Here are 20 ideas to help nourish the soul:

1.  Brew a pot of herbal tea, coffee or cocoa, sit down with a book or magazine and just take a break from the world.
2.  Smile. Even if you don’t want to.  Smiling tricks your brain into thinking you’re happy. 
3.  Have a good conversation with a loved one or someone close to you. (someone positive who just makes you feel good).
4.  Do something nice for someone else.  Sometimes just doing a good deed can bring so much joy to both the giver and receiver.  You can donate to a charity, take clothes you’re not using to Salvation Army, donate blankets to an animal shelter, pay for a stranger’s coffee at a cafĂ©, give books to your local library, and so much more.
5.  Tend a garden.  Don’t have one.  Find a way to join or start a community garden.  Even if you have a balcony you can grow some flowers or herbs in containers.
6.  Go for a walk.  Take a route you don’t normally take.
7.  Head to the park or a nature trail.  Pack a picnic or just enjoy some relaxation on a park bench.
8.  Give someone you love a big hug and tell him or her how much you love them.
9.  Sing…just for the joy of it.  Even if you think you can’t sing, do it anyway.  Freeing your voice is a good way to help heal your soul.
10.  Say “thank you” to the many people who help you in your day, whether they be a cashier, someone who bags your groceries, a teacher, a spouse, or a child, show them your gratitude.
11.  Look for the positive in your daily experiences.  Stop looking for the negative, or for that matter dwelling on the negative. Think positive.
12.  Write a letter.  Not just an e-mail, a good old-school letter to a friend or family member.  Just receiving a letter from someone can brighten their day too.
13.  Turn off the TV.  While there are many good shows, too many hours in front of the TV can deplete the soul.
14.  Better yet, take a media break.  Turn off the computer, cell phone, Blackberry, iPad, and the many other devices we often have clinging to us.
15.  Try your  hand at an art or craft:  painting, pottery, sculpting, knitting, flower design, cake decorating, bread baking, or some other pastime can free your mind of the mundane and help you to develop your creativity. 
16.  Take up a new sport like yoga, golfing or simply buy a bike to ride around town.
17.  Try a new recipe or even cooking class. Even better grab your partner and sign up for a couples cooking class.
18. Meditate, pray, go to church, sit amongst nature....find ways to connect with your higher power.
19. Write in a journal each day.
20. Simplify your life.  Try to live below your means. Focus on doing what makes you happy!

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