Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings

In comparison with the sunny, warm weekend...this Monday is dreary, overcast and rainy.  But that's okay because it is a good day for cooking, which actually helps to warm up the house a little as well.  Meatballs, vegetable lasagna and even ground turkey for the little one are some of the foods being prepared.  The little one because of all her allergies and sensitivities has basically ate home cooked food since she was a pup.  Yes it requires a little extra work but she is worth it!

The weekend was rather busy, play date with the niece and running around doing errands yesterday.  Our kitchen trash can broke, so been trying to locate an inexpensive, white step to open model and learning just how hard it is to find. Walmart and Target are frustrating lately as merchandise is sorely lacking in stores here. Went on both stores websites, where it said the trash can we were looking for was available in the store nearby so drove to both only to find neither had the trash can.  In fact, both stores had little selection when it came to trashcans. Not sure where to even go now, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond?  Just not sure they have the price point we are looking for.

Totally off the trash can talk.  And maybe some will think it's sharing too much but I think it's funny.  For 24 hrs I have to measure my pee!  Literally have to pee in a measuring cup, then write down how many ounces and what I drank.  It's hilarious, and cannot help but laugh as I try to get it in the measuring cup. Not to mention try to remember how much and what I drank. Though I'm honestly I'm not a huge drinker sometimes a whole afternoon can go by without me evening taking a sip of anything. ha  Something I have to get better at as they saying drinking water is important.

Anyway, back to the measuring. They don't even supply you with a measuring cup, so I had to pick one up at the dollar store because it obviously will be thrown out after this.ha  As for why the test, well long story short I have been having an irritated, strong, pressure feeling....feels as if I have a UTI but tests show I don't. Had to endure a bunch of ultrasounds last week, which consisted of drinking 48 ounces which I then had to hold for a hour.  Talk about feeling ready to explode. Now I'm doing this measuring and waiting on test results which can be a little nerve wracking. Some how I seem to develop stuff that leaves doctors rather mystified.

So the man is home today as he isn't feeling well.  And so wish there was something I could do to make him feel better as he has been having a rough time of it lately.  Honestly, there is nothing worse in life than when our health gives us trouble, whether it be physical or even mental.  We don't realize how much we even take it for granted until we don't feel well. And we often don't realize just how many people are struggling with health issues so it's all the more reason to try to show compassion, to be kind and understanding of others.

Although given our crazy world that also requires using caution and judgment as well. Seriously listening to intuition is important too.  Just about a week ago the man ran into an old acquaintance, some guy he casually knew from a club they used to frequent in their early 20's.  They briefly chatted, talked about maybe hanging out sometime. Well he literally has turned into an obsessive stalker of sorts, for instance yesterday he called my man over 11 times!  Without the man even calling him back once, and it appears this guy may have even called in the wee hrs of the morning Sunday with a blocked number.  Luckily the guy does not know where we live or think I would be very scared!  I'm concerned as is.  But a good example of what I mean when I say be cautious as you just never know someone else's story.

Well after sharing a bunch of random thoughts this Monday,  I realized after cooking all that food and freezing it that somehow there is nothing to eat for lunch.  Feeling hungry and not wanting to go out in this rain again, think it's time to go mix up some pancakes. Perfect lunch for this rainy day.

Besides little one has her raincoat on patiently waiting to go outside, and so she says enough blogging for this Monday!

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  1. The raincoat! That face! I want to hug her. It's really cool of you to cook her food so she doesn't have allergies. Good job mom :)


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