Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Musings

Our weekend consisted of art store, the park, home cooking and nba playoffs. 

Wish I could say it feels like Spring here, but it's back to feeling like winter.  Seriously lows are hovering around 35 and winter clothes are still very much needed.  This is actually colder than normal for our area.

Of course it's fueling my desire to live in a warmer climate, like I always say this kind of weather  makes me miss and long for San Diego.  Even begun to dream about living in more tropical climates such as Florida or the Caribbean.  Though I'm not sure we could handle the year round humidity of those places. Even here in Philadelphia the humidity in the summer can become unbearable.  But it might be worth the trade off because at least we could sport our summer styles year round!

Speaking of summer styles, I much prefer my warm weather clothes over my winter ones.  Bulky sweaters, jackets and having to wear oodles of layers to stay warm just does nothing for me.  Am I the only one that feels this way? 

Seriously though this Monday I never felt so torn before between wanting to live close to family, yet also wanting to go back to living in a warm climate by the beach!

Oh and today is Earth Day!  I'm going to plant a few seeds to celebrate.  If we all planted a few seeds whether it be plants or trees we could all contribute to making this plant greener and our air healthier as they help reduce air pollution.  And the air sure could use whatever help we can give it!

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