Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings

The weekend wasn't exactly the best.   The man is experiencing a neck flare up, which produces a lot of pain so he spent three days on the couch, and pretty much was not in a good mood.  And moods are funny as in some ways they can be contagious.  Kind of crazy how that works.  Plus I was dealing with pms on top of it. So though I tried to remain upbeat it was a little challenging. :) 

Of course my credit card statement arrived as well, some how I blew my budget right out of the water this month.  Might have to go on the Ramen noodle diet for a month! ha   Wish I had new clothes or something pretty to show for spending so much.  But honestly most of the money went for food, medical and vet expenses.  It really is amazing how it all adds up. 

So the weekend was feeling weighed down by a lot of heavy stuff.  Until Sunday afternoon when The Masters came on tv.  Which happens to be one of my favorite golf tournaments.  This years Masters happened to be magnificent. It remained close right up to the 18th hole, play even went into overtime.  What made it even better was my favorite golfer Adam Scott was the one tied for the lead.  Literally sat on the edge of my seat, and then it happened he hit a long putt to win!  And yes like a little kid I screamed and jumped around in joy! That moment of joy felt so good.  
What a great reminder it was as well.....don't give up as anything is possible!  Seriously sounds cliche I know, but Scott hasn't always been the best golfer.  His game struggled for awhile, but he worked hard to perfect his skills and that hard work  has begun to really pay off for him. Good reminder for the rest of us that when we feel like giving up, don't....

Keep doing what you need to do, to get to where you want to be! (there will be good days, bad days and lots of in between ones as well....but keep going)

In regards to winning Scott said "he found his way today".  What a great thought for this Monday, let's all seek to find our, tomorrow and every day!

 Adam Scott of Australia after winning the Masters.

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