Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Musings

I have always liked the saying, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Sometimes though life hands us too many lemons at once.  And sometimes we cannot turn them into lemonade as quickly as we would desire. That is kind of how life feels lately. 

And I realized this Friday, as had a letter that needed to be postmarked that day. In the process of trying to print it our printer malfunctioned.  I did everything to try to fix it but nothing, then felt a sense of panic as it was after 3 and needed to have the letter printer to get to the post office by 4:30.  And that's when the tears erupted which prompted my man to say "calm down" and "this is the second time you have cried in two days".

Yup, it was.  Truth is sometimes that's what happens when we feel frustrated or overwhelmed by stress.  And I have had more than a fair share of it lately.  Funny how when we are already feeling inundated the littlest things can set us off.  In that moment I could not remember when I even felt completely relaxed and not stressed. And that is just silly I thought.

As we get older often times life becomes filled with more responsibilities, obligations, pressures, stress you name it.  No one is immune from it.  Key is learning to find healthy, productive ways to handle it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. The man is dealing with a lot this year, which leaves a lot more falling on my shoulders something I took on to help him. But sometimes as much as we want to help others we need help as well.

Although he works a 9-5 job that can be stressful, I handle pretty much everything else....all finances, bills, budgets, appointments, housework, cleaning, cooking, dishes, yardwork, laundry, bathing/taking care of dog, any house issues and so on.  Plus I've got my own work with trying to paint and work on other stuff.  What he is going through is not easy for either of us. And living on this strict budget definitely brings it's own challenges.  While I know others have it way worse, it doesn't mean I cannot feel mentally and physically worn out sometimes.
Sometimes we want to think we can do it all but truth is we all need a little help.  We cannot pretend to be superwoman as she is just a myth. And though it would be nice if sometimes those around us intuitively stepped up to help, sometimes it requires asking. Asking is not always easy but sometimes much needed. People sometimes have no clue what is going on in anothers mind if we don't share it with them.  Like I tell the man, who I make coffee for each morning, sometimes I need him to simply make me tea or cook dinner one night. :)  It's all about finding balance and better ways to deal with stress that's something we both need to learn. 

This Monday I'm learning that I cannot do it all, and that's okay. And in those moments we feel overwhelmed it's important to breathe, try to put things in perspective and realize that this too shall eventually pass.  Most importantly it's okay to ask others to help us turn the lemons into lemonade! 

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