Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Tidbits

Usually we do our food shopping together, as we try to shop for five weeks at a time.  Meaning all the basics, leaving quick weekly trips to pick up any fresh produce as needed.  So you can imagine how full our cart gets, sometimes we even just take two.  In fact it gets a little too heavy for me to even push.  Well yesterday I decided to be helpful as the man has been overwhelmed at work.  So I set out to do it myself.

As it got fuller and fuller it got to point I could no longer push it, and me who is usually always cold was actually knew while I made a valant attempt the rest would simply have to wait. ha
Me being skinny has always led people to believe I don't eat much but as you can see we eat a lot! (that isn't even all of the food, just all I could push) ha

For my birthday I really wanted a baby blue beach cruiser, but then I realized the price ($240 includes shipping) of the one I wanted was probably a little steep for anyone to actually buy as a gift.  And a little too steep for my budget right now as well.  So took my old mountain bike that I purchased many years ago in San Diego out of retirement.  My parents having been storing it in their garage, and I wasn't sure what shape it was in. Back then I rode it over all kinds of terrain. Plus the bike place near here said they charge $174 for a complete bike tune up. Um does anyone else think that's expensive? If it didn't work I knew I could not afford that price. (wish I knew how to tune it up myself)  Though it's definitely a  more powerful bike than I need to bike around town, would much prefer a simple, pretty beach cruiser but it's a bike and I am thankful to even have one! So I put air in the tires, tested it out on the driveway and it appears to be okay.  Given the dizzy spells I'm not even sure how my body will react to being on a bike again but it should be interesting. :)

Now this is something crazy. Angel for years has had this usual looking nail, which occasionally splits. The Veterinarians we show it to say they believe it's some kind of fungus but never prescribe anything to try to heal it.  So over the years I have come up with my own treatment of sorts.  Soaking it in Epsom salt, drying it good and then following it with a great tea tree oil spray from Earthbath.  This eventually helps to heal the nail.  This week the nail has flared up again, as this morning she could not put pressure on the paw so I had to hold up her leg to support her while she did her business.  This is what the nail looks like, the very fact that the vets don't have any ideas of what causes it or how to heal it is baffling.

Since she usually goes and curls up in her bed when the paw bothers her, I spoiled her with breakfast in bed!  And she even got some fresh pear slices.

Anyway that's my random tidbits.  This week I have been doing a lot of rather physically demanding tasks around here, so today just trying to catch up on the small things and find a way to relax.  Though not sure about relaxing with all the games on.  Yes March Madness has begun. And the bracket challenge as well. Did I mention Temple, LaSalle and Villanova are all playing today....they are all Philadelphia area schools hence why I'm hoping they all win!  Not sure much is going to get accomplished today given it's hard to watch basketball and concentrate on other tasks. :)

Time to think about dinner!

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