Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musings

Today is one of those days where I spent a whole lot of time doing research but felt like I did not accomplish nearly as much as I wanted.  Some days are just like that I suppose.

I'm feeling strong house envy at the moment.  No seriously anytime I find out someone we know has bought a house the feeling overcomes me. ha  Want a house of our own so much that I simply cannot help but feel that way.  I love our little cottage house, just wish the owners would let us eventually buy it.  There are both pros and cons to renting for sure and the major con is where you live always feels rather temporary.  And of course we cannot make any permanent renovations to it either.  Some how I need to get over this intense desire to buy a home until we can officially afford to do it.  In the meantime I seriously may go insane with house envy!  :)

This morning I also made the mistake of browsing our dvr while eating breakfast.  Well I saw a new Revenge listed and knew I had to watch it!  One of the few shows I consider a must watch.  But of course that seemed to set me behind as well.  Not sure why but if I start watching tv in the morning I feel it depletes me of motivation.  It's better to just do what needs to be done and save the tv for later. ha  But little one was happy as it meant more snuggling for her. And revenge was great as usual. 

Got the man to take a ride to Kohls this weekend, they were having big sales and I happen to have a great discount coupon.  When we get there they had nothing of what I saw online so I came away with nothing.  The man on the other hand did well for himself he got a few things including some nice ties that were on sale for $7. For a tie that is a steal.  Plus the weather warmed up into the 60's, the sun actually came out and we were able to take little one on a walk.  I might have warm weather envy at the moment too. Where is Spring?

Somewhere at the moment it is 80 degrees and sunny.  Considering it has been an overall cloudy winter here the sun cannot come out enough.  Poor little one seems to step in mud every time she needs to tinkle.  No seriously between the clouds, rain, snow showers the ground hasn't had ample time to dry out and it's a muddy mess.  It's getting harder and harder to find spots for little one so I just keep a cup filled with water by the door to rinse her little paws off.

On that note I just realized what time it is, dinner.  Enough about house and weather envy this girls got to eat!   Check out little one strutting down the street with her wiffle ball in tow this weekend.

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